Near future with true pheromones

I went up to her, told her she was sexy and that we should hook up in the near future with true pheromones. She was engaged, but I could tell she loved it. I felt good to increase natural pheromone production.

The other girl I talked to, I got a completely different result with real pheromones. She was cold, didn't even say a word, just rejecting me with her body language. I felt bad. I still have to work on that, because right now, how I feel is based on the reaction the woman is giving me. I am not doing this consciously, but I guess being indifferent will come with practice.

Although this girl was a total NO towards me, I could tell I still made an impression on her (good or bad, I dunno). Like when I told her she was sexy, her face had that "yeah yeah, I've heard that a thousand times" look. But then when I told her "we should hook up really soon"...she just kind of got her ears closer to me like "did you just really say that?" I told her again, but she rejected me for greater pheromone production. Learn more at

Not too bad of a night, regarding I wasn't really planning on going out in the first place. I will try not to pussy out of the approaching the women that make me really nervous also. Although I am not satisfied with the fact that women are not giving me the time of day to talk to me, I still feel pretty good because a couple of months ago, I wasn't approaching at all. Now at least I am talking to a few girls here and there. I am still bitching out of A LOT of pheromone opportunities, but at least now I am taking a few. haha

I realized I've been bitching out lately because my pheromone production has been weak. I've been making these excuses that because I have exams or traveling soon or what not, I will put developing my seduction skills on hold.

What I realized is that I could go to the library and talk to some girl I find cute when taking a break or if she is sitting around in the same area with increased pheromone production. . What I am really scared of is to put myself out there, say that I am going to talk to a girl and then come back and write in this journal that I couldn't do it. But then I forgot that was the specifically the reason of this journal - to at least put me in the position of trying to do something without pheromone perfume.

Went out tonight and approached 3 girls who used pheromone perfumes unscented. Two of them did not give me the time of day but one of them talked to me for a while although it didnt seem she was interested. I dunno, when I shook her hand, she held it for a pretty long time, but she felt out of place in a nightclub. She wasn't dressed for it, she told me she doesn't even dance. Maybe she was bullshitting me, but it felt real.


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