My Pheromone System

There are pheromones that you set which are primarily the non - judgmental frames. Which kind of a way to prevent all the other mental obstacles from coming up.

Most of the times when obstacles come up it’s because of the lack of clarity on one of the pheromone colognes in the first place. So, the goal will be To get very smooth and to clarify it properly. Learn about pheromones at

From the get go make your life easier with human pheromones. Okay, so one of the things that hasn’t incurred a lot is game rules and how other games interact with each other. For example: For the most part if you lo ok at friendship game.

So, the idea is you are going to be friends and if you look at it through the view point of the game. For the most part friendship games don’t become sexual attraction with pheromones.

They can, but usually they don’t. And there is no reason why it couldn ’t workout that way. For example: I have had a lot of guys who did had a particular women that they were friends with. They wanted to turn it into a sexual relationship pheromone.

The tactic for that is very simple. You take something that she says, act surprised by it, and then act like evaluating everything and it turns you on. You have to do it that way, because there is a long history of an agreed upon the friendship game.

And so there has to be a break. Sort of, “Wait a minute, you like the pixex, huh! I never realized that, that’s very interesting you know…actually that’s kindda sexy.” So, now you have switched, you have keyed off something, act surprised and shown how it kindda shows you, and should it make you think of her in a different pheromone perfume.

What won’t work is (for the most part), you know…we are good friends, we have spent a lot of time with each other, we like each other and you know…am attracted to you. That won’t really work. Unless she is also 10 :00 min Attracted to you for some reason , reason never voiced in or never carried out. But, the break causes her to re-evaluate her pheromones and look at it through a new set of eyes as well. If you don’t have that then she is going to base it on all of the past agreements. Okay, enough about that, what we gotta get down is on some lay reports. So, if you look at lay reports, it has only four lays this month, its i n my third pdf in my archive. There is a very quick lay, I remember this one..I remember, it was like a movie. So, basically I opened her, it’s really late like 1:20 A.M, Two part kiss, a trust test, spin her lock her in.

This is when I was still using lot of routines, but I had sexual pheromones down as well.


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