More Than Just Pheromones

They just block it out, as if it never existed. But the problem with blocking your own fears and insecurities out, is that you don’t let any passion or excitement into your life either. It’s a wall that blocks out the good and the bad, and all you’re left with is a sense of numbness from feeling nothing. So our job is not to block out our insecurities, and pretend it never existed, but instead, embrace it, love it, and know that it’s more pheromones.

We are here to help us, not hurt us. Start to develop a close relationship to your human pheromones and you’ll find that they treat you a lot better than you could ever imagine. You have to acknowledge it, and not block it out in the first place. I have another friend of mine who I really care about, but it’s so hard some times to get through to them to connect on a deeper level. She blocks all her insecurities out and it’s blatantly obvious to me. Every time something remotely triggers her fears, she has a moment of fear in her eyes and half a second later she has changed the topic. Even when she doesn’t say anything, you can obviously tell the insecurity through the look in her eyes. That’s because our eyes never lie. Our voice may lie but our eyes never do. Learn more at

I remember we were out on my birthday once, her and her boyfriend (now husband) were there for my birthday outing, and one of my other friends dresses revealingly. She has large breasts and likes to show them off. This was the first time she'd met my "revealing" friend. I'll call her my "revealing friend" for now just for the sake of the story. It was the first time she had met my revealing friend. Anyway, she did not stop staring and checking up on my revealing friend the entire night. She kept looking at my revealing friend, and back at her boyfriend, over and over . And she was so tight and rigid, she couldn't relax, and I could tell it was hard for her to enjoy the night. And because of her habit of blocking out things that she feels insecure about, spending time with her is feels so boring, even though I really care about her. Learn more at

Have you ever had that experience? You care about someone but they’re just boring to spend time with at the same time? So now that we’ve established that everyone has insecurities to some extent, let’s talk about why it’s actually natural that we feel insecure, and where it comes from. Evolution has gear all of us to maximize our chances to pass on our genes. From an evolutionary point of view, that’s what we’re here to do on this earth. Of course most of us have other desires and goals outside of passing on our genes, but on a strictly evolutionary point of view, that’s the aim. And when we become insecure, it makes us more possessive and more competitive in the “mating game”. It would sometimes even lead to jealousy, which meant that we would feel a certain way to keep our mate or our partner with male pheromones.


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