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Pheromones are much bigger than you could possibly even imagine. Just a quick search on Google revealed a whole bunch of dominatrix oriented websites which held over hundreds of thousands of visitors every single month. So that just proves that there are a lot of men who love to be dominated. (It’s almost always men as the clients) Here’s an other great example of The Kill Bill role in a movie. You may have seen this one, it’s the “Million Dollar Baby” with Hillary Swank. She plays the role of an overly ambitious female boxer who overcomes all her obstacles in attempt to become a champion.

A gain, she is tough as nails and more centered and grounded than most men in today’s overly “metro - sexual” world. So as you probably know, masculinity is attracted to femininity and vice versa using scented pheromones.

 A lot of things don’t come naturally. Humans have tricked themselves in to believing that having things come naturally is best. When, really, what you have to do is condition behaviors and habit in to yourself. Because this changes your physiology. You can change your own mood, your own emotional state with just some new movements of your body. Imagine yourself as an Academy Award winning actress, acting out her new role. It’s exciting, it’s fun and it brings more juice into your life. So, just go ahead, model others who show up in the role you want to develop naturally, and soon enough, it’ll become a well developed part of your natural pheromones. Learn more at and

That’s it for another volume of Pheormone Attraction Control Monthly. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and learnt a lot from it. The key thing to take away is for you not to just stay in one single role all the time. You have to learn to become multi-dimensional by getting into and out of different roles.

Volume of Pheromones

Of course it’s not necessary that you practice and live in all 8 of these roles. Because it may just overwhelm you with what you need to do or what you should do. Just focus on about 2 of these 8 roles and learn to master these 2 roles. Ideally choose 2 roles that are more polar opposites than similar. You want to have a wide range to your personality. If you had chosen two very similar roles ie. The Bubbly Princess and The Elegant Lady, then you’re only living in one small quadrant of your personality. So the aim is to have wide range, with both slightly dominant and submissive, both caring and more superficial. Next month, we have a volume of Attraction Control Monthly that addresses a problem a l ot of women have and it is legitimately a serious problem. It’s the problem of being too insecure in the relationship.

So next month, we’re going to tackle this issue and the name of the next issue is… “Eliminating Insecurity and Escalating Confidence with Men” But that’s a story for next month , for n ow, go and do your exercises , and we will see you again in the next month’s issue of Pheromone Attraction Control Monthly! Take care now!


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