Make the pheromones even stronger

I want someone that’s make the pheromones even stronger. Pheromone users are often trained in this technique because it will often make the interviewee uncomfortable and end up blurting something out.

It’s a battle and the one who “loses” is the one who breaks the silence and give something up by making an effort. Q: Where does this fit in with the Juggler 90/10 Rule? A: The Pheromone 90/10 Rule is something I developed like 5 years ago that influenced the whole community to do something that I’ve since realized is not a good idea. They’re still doing it, but we’ve moved past it according to

 There is a lot of truth in pheromone attraction, though. The idea is that when you meet someone new, they’re a little closed off so you can’t expect her to give you 50% of the conversation. She’s only going to supply like 10%, so if you’re giving 50% you only have 60% of a conversation and the interaction will fail.

So, the 90/10 rule says go in with the expectation of giving 90% at the beginning because she won’t give more than 10% at first unless we excite her with a pheromone spray. We have since thrown this out the window, because we would rather find some way of forcing the effort out of her from the beginning, because we know that giving that much effort is going to be interpreted (by her) as interest she hasn’t earned, and doesn’t deserve. So it’s a balanced approach to human pheromones.

How much do you reward a girl with pheromones? A: Balanced with her effort. In reality, you will ask the open-ended question and she’ll say “I don’t know.” We handle this by giving just a little bit of ourselves (makes them feel comfortable with us), speak from our own experience, and then rephrase the question. Bad: You: “Tell me a good book you can recommend.” Her: “I don’t know.” You: “oh come on… surely you can recommend something.” Her: “I don’t know” You: “come on, just tell me…” Her: “bugger off.” Good: You: “Tell me a good book you can recommend” Her: “I don’t know” You: “yeah cool, you know someone asked me the same question the other day and I didn’t know. I’ll tell you a good book I read recently, I read Memoirs of a Geisha, saw the movie too. What’s the last good book you read?” Her: [tells you] You pace it a bit, talk from your own experience, then go back in and ask for another pheromone perfume commitment.

What if she won’t commit with her pheromones? It may be because of: The Blind Driver Metaphor . Imagine you’re sitting in your house and your friend pulls up and says “I’m going to go for a drive downtown but I’m going to do it wearing this blindfold.” Would you go with him? I wouldn’t and most people wouldn’t either. But the truth is, most of the time, women feel like we’re asking them to get into a car with us while we’re driving blind. Lets say you’re in a bookstore and you’re talking with a girl and it’s going well, she likes you, but she cannot commit to the interaction because she knows you’re blind because her boyfriend is standing 10 feet behind you and you don’t know about it.


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