Love Making With Pheromones

What part of one’s body is involved during lovemaking—pheromones? When we refer to the prowess of the Latin Lover, do we praise his ability to serenade and recite poetry, or do we admire the passion and stamina he brings to a sweaty fuck-fest?

Pheromone Love is giving someone the power to break your heart, but trusting them not to break it. Love is never having to say you’re sorry. Oh, really? Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Really? In short, the word “love” is the number one condiment of the English vocabulary; it’s the sauce you can splash on any dish.

Russell, while sleeping, had a recurring dream with his current lover. “I love you, Russell.” His girl’s body went limp, her mind wandering. “I love you, too.” Russell’s eyes surveyed the ceiling.

“And I love that you tell me about all the other women you fuck.” She touched his leg, her fingers walking up his thigh and spurring his member to prick up.

“Want to hear more?” He placed both hands on his chest.

“Tell me about fiicking in the back of that abandoned car. That turns me on.” She leaned into him, her hand cupping his manhood, her lips pressing against his hands. As soon as the sex grew to an almost explosive size, the dream stopped. Russell often woke with warm fuzzy sex—memories of the dream He enjoyed these visits immensely.

It had been three years since Russell and Beth Carlson had tied the “proverbial knot” and begun their marriage. Learn more at and

Beth’s olive skin and willowy body, combined with her high-octane personality, so full of spunk and energy when she scurried around as a youngster that her mother nick-named her “Spitfire,” encapsulating everything Russell adored. The last thing he wanted to do was to make her unhappy: he couldn’t stand causing pain, and yet, could he stay mentally healthy by keeping his secret about his real self, thrashing inside his brain? Learn more at

Russell hated his short and scruffy appearance, which always made a bad first impression on women. His physical looks ill-suited to play the Knight in White Armor; he resorted to the Joker role, and did everything in his power to make women laugh. Russell developed a thick skin to shield him fiom the pain of the many rejections he encountered, but his small, gaunt frame always bothered him. He looked more like a fourteen-year-old immature or ill boy than a fully-developed adult.

At his office in the Transit Tower Building, Russell settled himself in front of a computer all day with legs crossed, twisted like a pretzel, and over years, he developed a small humpback. To add insult to injury, Mother Nature, that heartless bitch, saw fit to afflict him with a skin condition of blotched white pasty patches. He covered his skin with a high turtleneck and long sleeves. And it is Russell, the blotchy-skinned Hunchback of Notre Dame de San Antonio, who bravely decided to take a stand for all men by saying the untold truth.


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