Limited natural pheromone production

The only person who can make you happy is you. This is the hardest thing for people to accept their limited natural pheromone production. Accepting this means you have to turn away from the outside world, the internet, smartphones, current events, celebrity gossip, and the endless empty stimulation. You have to go within and find your inspiration. The inspirational state is where you will find happiness. But for most of us, we have ignored our inner self for so long that it feels like an empty, scary, lonely void. The "no state" state is not very appealing to the typical stimulation junky. But the "no state" state is the only place that can deliver you from boredom and emptiness. Ignore your inner self long enough and you will become existential and total despair will start to set in. The "no state" state is inevitable. It is where you came from, and to it you shall return. At some point in your life, everything will stop working to make you happy. Your egoic drives will disappear. Everything that you have attained to make yourself "happy" will be taken away. You will be dragged kicking and screaming back to the "no state" state of sexual pheromones. Learn more at

 For some, this is an easier transition. These people are often said to have not much going on in their lives. Or they are not as attached to the world as most people. They have lived and experienced the whole gamut and realized that it was all in vain. Their egos were satisfied for 5 minutes and went back to being a needy, desperate vortex again. For others, this transition will feel like literal death. These people have identified with the world and to lose the world would mean to lose their whole orientation. This could be seen as "total despair" of true pheromones.

For me, I am at that stage now where I am doing my duties as a normal human being, but I am not trying to derive any type of egoic satisfaction from the outside world. It is getting to the point now where even winning and achieving something feels like an empty ecstasy pill. I am happy for 5 minutes but then I realize that underneath the pseudo happiness is the void that I've been trying to cover up. I have learned that the more I stay in the void, or the eternal moment, the easier it is to be tranquil. There is no up and down. I am not happy 1 minute because I had a nice tax return refund, and sad again because the dopamine and serotonin levels in my brain suddenly drops. Because that is what happens. A spike in the outside world boosts your neurotransmitters. And then they return to normal levels again. You have to ask yourself, "Where do I always return to?" You always return to the here and now. There was never anything out there that could complete you. Believing so will only lead to despair for natural pheromone production.


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