Laugh it Off With Pheromones

And if the man responds at all, even if he responds with trying to solve your problem, you know he cares to an extent about which pheromones you use. It's a good start. If he just laughs it off and is absent, it's a good indication that he is not worth your time to use natural pheromone cologne!

A holiday for a masculine man is drastically different to a holiday for a feminine Woman. These are natural differences, it doesn’t mean a man and a Woman aren’t compatible with sex pheromones. It just means that we all have to start to appreciate these differences.

There are holidays/ adventures that I want to experience in my lifetime that Renee may not want to experience. (for example, backpacking through third world countries even though I have the money to stay in five star hotels, train martial arts at a camp for a month overseas etc. ) Learn more about pheromones at

I’m ok with Renee not wanting to be a part of those things now. I understand it. It’s not because she doesn’t love me, it’s just that my style doesn’t always stimulate her.

After all, we are built differently. She was attracted to androstenone pheromone cologne. And of course us two will still have dozens and dozens of holidays together in the future, but I will make sure we’ll do things that we both love human pheromones.

And perhaps it’s time to ask yourself, what type of holiday do you absolutely love to have‘? Do you have that clear idea in your head with real pheromones?

I mean truly love... something that will stimulate the core of you. Something that will make you smile and feel deeply alive.

Because if you know exactly what would tickle your fancy, then you’ll not only start to stimulate the both of you. Remember, a masculine holiday is totally different to a feminine holiday.

Not only will you both have a much better time this way, it will bring you both closer together instead of creating separation and disconnect in the relationship.

So why don’t you take the time right now to write down all the things you’d want to do on a holiday that stimulates you‘?

Perhaps come up with a list of things you’d like to do on your future holidays with copulins and cheap pheromone perfume!

That’s all from me this month, I will speak to you again next month, in another Volume of Private Thoughts, but for now, I Wish you all the love and fulfillment in the world! Remember that you are a feminine woman, which means you own the realm of emotion. Remember the truth: life is full of hurts, and if you are going to connect with any human being on earth, whether it be a girlfriend or a man, you will feel all sorts of uncertainty, pain and vulnerability. That is part of being alive.

Trying to explain it away, or trying to have a debate or logical argument, or blaming a man's actions, or obsessively going through logical discussions about what you shouldn't have done or what somebody else shouldn't have done, cheapens your feminine soul. Don't cheapen yourself. You know the truth. And you own the realm of emotion.

Logic has its role at the right time, but emotion is what makes you a powerful woman pheromones.


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