I've fallen for human pheromones

I've fallen for human pheromones this many times. I idealize people, not just girls, everyone, really fast. I'm really eager to see the best in people and colour in the rest. It's a trait that makes you a really likeable guy but when it comes to relationships it's just really uncomfortable to have someone with an image of you you won't ever measure up to  natural pheromones.

That's why I'm glad I went for a date straight away. I spent two hours with her and personality wise she can consider herself lucky to have met me. Now the challenge is not running with that picture and start augmenting it indeed. So cheers for that warning about pheromone usage.

I have never had any problems idealizing womens pheromones perfume!
I do it all the time! - Very obvious! AND they love it, - also in my pheromone relationships!
It's not like I pretend they are something they are not, I just celebrate exactly what they are, and put THAT on a pedestal: absolutely amazing creatures! Learn more at http://www.zaretviolins.net/pheromones-get-you-results/ and http://www.onedir.biz/surrounded-by-pheromones/

I get pleasure out of the very act of doing so, and even if it meant no one of them would ever fuck me again, I would still do it!

The trick is not doing it to get something out of it! They can sense that! I do it the other way around ... it's when I DON't want SOMETHING from them that I do it!

But I NEVER let them take away my power! There is a huge difference in pheromone concentrations! Learn more at http://www.cookconferencecenter.org/with-your-pheromones/

I think most women find it powerfull when they can fell a man really like something, but is still able to resist it! Or not to let him be controlled by what he love with real pheromone usage!

"You are SO fucking amazing, but that don't mean I will stick my dick in you, you have to earn that first, or not put you in your place and spank you if you are bad ... " it's really like that!

They can't bust my ball's! But I do love when they try! - There is really nothing better! - it's a bit like in weight lifting, if you are strong there is no fun in dead-lifting 40 kg .. you want to play around with the big plates! ... That is defiantly not a healthy way to look at it, and I know that, I try to deal with it, - because I know those women is not per definition the best for me... they are just so f.. fun! Pheromones make a huge difference in human attraction.

And then a word of warning: my experience def, is that the toughest cookies REALLY are the most vulnerable pheromone signals, - they play all tough, and then they go home and commit them self to a mental hospital, with severe depression! - So be careful to bust them the RIGHT way, not the abusive way!


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