Intentional Pheromone Attraction

She kept initiating kissing and she started humping over me pretty hard. From time to time there were people walking by and she got off me and then jumping again. Fuck I love this guys. They kept her arousal on a nice plateau the whole interaction. I suggested we move to another place. We got there by using natural pheromones production of true human pheromones.

We started again and this time I accepted that probably I have to fuck her. I started sucking her nipples and fingering her juicy pussy. Yeah guys I hope you have your cock hard by now. At least I have. I pulled out a condom and I don’t know maybe I’m wrong, but she said something like “it’s okay that you have it” but I felt she was ready to fuck without it. I remember when she saw it she had a little hesitation and I didn’t have any reaction. It was on and she accepted it very quickly. She helped me to get inside her true pheromone attraction that makes a huge difference according to

I was observant and a lot of times I told her what I see and hear. I heard a gentle sigh from her and I told her about how I interpret it with a funny tweak. It’s like cold reading. I didn’t guess and she told me her story about why she make this unconscious sounds. She opened and told me about the depression and pills she takes. After that I realized how important is to listen not only the words from her mouth, but all the nonverbal messages she sends. I can point out at something and assume what it means or ask what it means that human pheromones never work.

I’m doing my moves and I realize that premature ejaculation is not a big problem for me. I don’t feel aroused. I feel my cock, but not all my body. I know that I can be much more aroused, but somehow the condom, the field where we fuck, my position, this unusual pussy…. everything prevents me to get more aroused. Pretty quickly I did the wrong move and jizzed… I got up and cleaned up. She said that it was quick, but it wasn’t an accusation, just an expression of sadness that it ended so quickly. I didn’t panic at all, said something about that I didn’t masturbated for a long time (which is true) and cut the explanations because there was no need to explain anything and she didn’t need it too. I felt that she liked it very much. She told me after a while. And I think that not bringing a women to an orgasm doesn’t mean anything. It is not the end of the world. She still can enjoy natural pheromone scents.

We hugged a lot after. I held her in my arms. I felt and I knew she needed it. I was feeling how sensible she is and what a piece of brick I am. I envied her. She was glowing, wanting love, feeling love. I was doing my duty and just getting the experience of touching a women. 

All this interaction I had times when I saw myself being a hero in a game and I just observe myself from above. Everything was unfolding from itself.


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