Like that with real human pheromones

Although we treat them like that with real human pheromones. Humble down.. Note down what your grateful for. Thank all your pasts "failures" even love them. Be humbled by your successes. Go do some things that your passionate. Not what other people tell you, you should be passionate about. Stuff that gets YOU excited. When you do these things.. talking to women will be a lot easier because you dont need women to do these things. Women dont want you to make them the center of your universe of pheromone programs.

Its all about doing what you want. Why do you think guys who you consider jerks get girls?? They dont give a fuck if the girls like who they are.. They do what they want regardless of what they tell them.. How women look at them with natural pheromones. Women could roll their eyes do all the INDICATORS OF DISINTERESTS in the world and they still wouldnt care. Get to that place where you dont care how they interpret you and you are just going for what YOU DESIRE!! Who cares how your coming across real pheromones. Learn more at

Hesitant...who cares..Not confident..Who needs to be confident with natural pheromones?? Do what you want and thats all you will ever need. You will grow sooo much more from this place than any PU book told you. In fact.. You learned through society and some PU books that you need to not be hesitant.. To be confident with real pheromones.. All you need is to show up!! I saw on Zans facebook.. He said he asked a bunch of girls why jerks get the girls over nice guys..they said.. Jerks are the ones who ask us out.. See what Im saying here is the power of pheromones??

Girls just want you to show up. They want you to stop giving a fuck about how your coming across and just BE.. I know this can be hard because youve had all this experience that tells you that you have to be this and you have to do that.. Take some time for yourself.. To do and live by the way you want the world to be. Your rules. You do this.. You will be confident.. You wont be hesitant. Because theres no fucking thing called confidence and hesitancy in the world you live in with your pheromones rules.

I think you are right, since moving to Canada, I abandoned playing pool, that was the thing I was most passionate about. I would play 2-3 hours a day, because I was playing in tournaments/competitions. Was really good at it too, left loads of trophies back in my home country Mauritius. Playing pool here is so expensive I had to quit. Didn't play at all for 4 years, just maybe a game or two every year. We have dramatically increased our pheromone production.

But I'm going to travel for a month to England in September and then going back to Mauritius for 3 months. When I come back I will try my best to buy myself a pool table. I even remember my ex's girlfriends were on the fence about me, but one night we went out and we ended up playing pool and then my ex told me a few days later her friends found me really cute when I was shooting pool who adored the scent of my pheromones.


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