I Met A Chick Who Adores Pheromones

Yesterday I had a date with this cute Kenyan chick I met after class who adored my human pheromones. The date was at a chill coffee spot I know (I bring all my dates here).

I meet her inside we get our coffees(I pay, it was only $5) We head upstairs for some privacy and begin talking.

I can barely remember the specifics of the conversation(my bad) but it flowed really well. We had a lot in common including drugs, wanting to travel the world and being generally open about pheromones and attraction.

One thing that I am positive I fucked up during this entire interaction was that I was doing all PULL but no Push. Learn more about pheromones at http://www.mantengacrafts.com/what-men-with-pheromones-need/

I was constantly touching her, getting a hand in between her thighs<<Ronnie please explain that article where you say you touch girls so much, even their tits, I wanted to man but how????)

I even tried to kiss her like 3 times, the first three times she would back off, I’d act unfazed and she would say we’ve only known each other for like blah blah blah. She tells me each time that I am very forward, I agree with her and say “It’s not a bad thing and it’s not that you don’t like it”

She says “ya but its..(something about how she was raised or whatever)”

Then I manhandle kissed her the third time a bit later and she got into it. We knew that she was attracted to my pheromone scent.

Back to only pushing, I never did any negs like after I told her “I think you’re really sexy and I like how open you are about drugs etc” I could of said “But don’t let it go to your head”

After I kissed her the 3rd time, we went downstairs to play games(it’s a really cool café). I saw that there was chess and asked if she wanted to play, she says yes and I tell her I have a much better chess board at my place.
“walking back to my place with fun banter”

We get inside, I go use the bathroom for a bit. Unfortunately she doesn’t notice the SEX EVERYTHING TO KNOW book by my desk because she sits on the coach(I’ll reposition it for next time) so no convo occurs about that because we both know that human pheromones actually work.

I get out of the bathroom and pour us both some sangria. More conversation ensues and I kiss her again.

This time we make out for a bit more on and off and I’m rubbing her pussy, she actually almost spills her drink on me and at this point I say “let’s play chess”

We move to my bed and I bring out the chess board on the bed, we start taking it apart when I realize I’m being a fucking idiot and proceed to kiss her across the chessboard(awkward :/)

I push her down on the bed and this is when she puts the breaks on. She says she has some sort of RD event(she works for the school) and asks if it’s 6, I tell her it’s 5:55.

She mumbles something about maybe being late, I keep kissing her/trying to escalate and then she decides to leave.

I walk her to the bus stop we kiss goodbye(everything seemed good at this point despite not getting laid).

Small caveat, before we move to my bed she tells me in a pretty serious tone that she’s not going to have sex with me. I joke about her being so forward blah blah.


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