I lied about not having sex pheromones.

Yeah, I lied about not having sex pheromones. I'm not sure why I said it. I don't think it was because I was afraid of having sex. I took them because I knew sex can happen. I just felt that I didn't wanted it at the first moment when she kisses me back. And I felt a little sad. I was wondering why I don't jump on her instantly like an animal and fuck her hard like I'm supposed to do. From stories I heard that's what man do. But I understand that I'm allowed to be different and enjoy what I like with pheromone attraction.

Anyway I think I must work on becoming more aroused. Two days after this sex I had a wet dream with a milf starring in it. So my mind (or whatever part) wants sex if it sees such dreams. There are numerous examples of self sabotage towards sex as the outcome, which portrays your inner consciousness in relation to sex pheromones.

Do you still feel that you need to 'make love' to a women, and make sure she is having maximum fun at all times using cheap pheromones. Learn more at http://www.helptheagedshop.co.uk/use-pheromones-to-make-women-like-you/

Do you still feel that you need to go slowly, and do exactly as she wishes during sex pheromones.

I'm trying to pinpoint a few of your particular beliefs towards sex, because at the moment, youve got some very very very unhealthy views towards the act of pheromone attraction. It seems to me girls slowly get it. One of the last dates asked me very very concrete about children and what I think about long term relationships. Girls in tinder having written ‘Nooooo ons !!!’.
I am aware it’s about sex-value. She wouldn’t ask Brad Pitt very concretely about children, she would be much more cautious not to scare him.

Anyway, I keep offering. I keep offering meet ups and I escalate and I only answer children questions when I am pressed for it. And perhaps she is horny sometime. She was at my seminar. I am a bit self-employed and probably she also wants to be. I had a girl in the past that slept with me in the past cause she wanted to have a connection with me, I guess that’s a way to get a coach on how to become a trainer.
Anyway she was ok with handholding over the table right away. We talked stuff and had one snack. I got her to stand up to watch some dancers and to make kino, I sensed superslight uncomfortableness so there was no progress there. Later on goodbye we were also standing next to each other, I closed distance slowly, it was clear she was not up for the kiss.

Well, you are aware that you are offering meet ups and escalating, but the result is not working.  This is where the growth happens, when you are aware of something occurring that is not going your way - or the way you intended.


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