how she does it with the cheapest pheromones?

I asked her if she loves herself and how she does it with the cheapest pheromones? She answered that she does is spiritually and physically. I asked what parts of her body she likes more. I told a story about how guys are divided in 2 groups, those who like asses and those who like boobs. From old times we were monkeys, all we had in front was the booty. But after we started walking, we started looking face to face seeing the boobs and that the boobs are just a parody of the booty. She laughed hard, she said she have not knew this using the best pheromones.

I told her about the game “touch my body”. You take the forefinger of your partner and put it on a part of your body and he/she has 3 attempts to guess what part it is with closed eyes. She was receptive to play this game. I was making jokes to not put my finger directly "there" because it’s too soon. She assumed that I had played this game before a lot of times. It's interesting how girls think I'm experienced when in reality I'm not. I was playing this game my first time. :-P  At one moment she forgot about the game and started putting my finger everywhere not giving me the chance to play the game too. We knew that human pheromones would make all the difference in the world according to

I told her a story that my favorite part of my body are the lips and somehow we started kissing. We were a bit sweaty. I told she was salty and different compliments about her body. All this time she haven’t open her eyes. This game is good because you can actually open eyes and look at her and turn on if you want. But I played it like a gentleman. Another game is to write down on her body some words, for example you write the word SEX with your forefinger on her leg and if she gets it and says it aloud you can accuse her that she is a perv and you wrote a different word on pheromone attraction.

Anyway… we were kissing and fuck(!) I’m not good at this. I’m just sucking her lower lip. I tried to get to the upper one, not to discriminate it, but somehow our noses were incompatible and it was hard. I had an erection, but I didn’t want to fuck. I have another lay report where I talk about my libido and how I couldn’t get my cock hard. But this girl was more beautiful on every level then the previous one. But anyway I wasn't rushing and I was really thinking not to fuck today with the best pheromones available.

I stop a little and I say her that we are rushing, that she must feel the cold wind blowing and cool down. I suggest that we won’t have sex and she asks why. I feel that behind this why is hiding a little fear that maybe I don’t want her and something is wrong with her + sadness because she is aroused and she wants it. I handled it by saying that she must go tomorrow and that I don’t have anything in my pockets (meaning condoms). This is the magic of PUSH. But I really was ok not fucking her. And it wasn't a trick. At that time I wasn't thinking to fuck.


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