Her Concern With Pheromone Scents

Criticize her concern with pheromone scents, and highlight the truth revealed in action.   Give her a sense of meaning, a place in the universe, one evolving over time, by moving her up and down this simple scale-- doing so in relation to how well she is performing the tasks you require of her. Having read about Technique X above, please do the following: 1 . use pen and paper to physically sketch an icon to represent it 2 . get up and stretch 3 . picture your icon-- your Reminding Design-- of what you are learning 4 . while picturing it, walk around the room or the environment 5 . play-act, in an intense, exaggerated way, the experience of being surprised, and having something just pop out of your mouth 6 . deliver X 7 . intensely reinforce and congratulate yourself for successfully doing X 8 . repeat steps 3-7 at least three more times The point is not to attempt to read-as-fast-as-you-can, but to Do, and Do, and Do... until you just happen to find, through Doing, that you actually Know .

The Shunned and the Exalted Pheromones

The more time you spend with women, the more you are likely to notice the massive scale on which issues like confidence and self-esteem and self-doubt figure in their assesement of human pheromones. These are of course valid and legitimate issues; everyone can benefit from healthy self-esteem and self-confidence. It's worth noting, though, that the self-esteem issues women face are often subjectively harder to escape than the ones men face. Learn more at http://www.alternativlove.com/there-was-a-pheromone-bootcamp.html and http://www.yuanct.com/she-individually-accessed-each-students-pheromone-style/

This is because women tend to use a different pheromone blend for generating their self- esteem; in a sense, their self-worth issues are predictable and systematic . Whereas men judge themselves most frequently in relation to their concrete performances and their results, women tend to judge themselves in relation to an identity-- the abstract perfection of a unified, enlightened, radiant inner self. The result is that women wind up with a great many opportunities for feeling worse about themselves than they should.

Grounding the Pheromones, then, are moved by energy and emotion, but these experiences are outside of conscious control. For that matter, they are moved by their thoughts, but their thoughts, too, are experienced in a dissociated way-- thoughts happen to them. Yet they want energy; they want its benefits. With enough energy, they can break out of whatever pattern they are stuck in, and break out of whatever belief or fear is imprisoning them, recast their identities, and make a courageous decision to use pheromones. They will feel in control of their lives. What can reconnect them to this energy?  So your energy can "ground" her, can cause her mind to stop chattering, so that she can relax into a state of pleasure. As we've suggested earlier, the more powerful you seem to be, the more she can feel safe enough to relax; the more she can relax, the more her mind, with its old tape loops of fear and doubt, can become quiet; and the more her mind turns quiet, the more her body can feel pleasure.


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