Giving Value To Human Pheromones

It’s David here with you for another amazing volume of Pheromone Control Monthly Private Thoughts. This month, I want to share with you something I discovered a couple of years ago that turned out very interesting. It was the first time Renee and I took a holiday together. (A proper holiday, not a trip interstate to attend a seminar together, or a Weekend away ?

Pheromones make people more attractive. So me, being the man that I am, took charge and started to plan where We’d be and what activities we’d be doing. You see, I was raised by my father almost exclusively up until the age of 11. So he was a huge influence in my life through out the most impressionable days of my childhood. I remember a few holidays I had spent with my father. Just me and him, a father and son adventure. And it was from him that I first got a taste of traveling and his habits became ingrained into me like real pheromones.

You see, my father was a frugal man. He had the job of raising me by himself and sometimes he even took on a second job to provide for me. So things were never easy for my father. He, like many of his generation, would save every cent he earn with real pheromones. Learn more at

He would rather walk an extra hour to Work to save a single dollar on bus fare.
So you can imagine what kind of holidays we had, (the rare chance we did take a holiday).

Rather I would almost describe these trips as adventures, than holidays. There was never anything extravagant, but rather, a display of... “How much we can enjoy our travels whilst minimize spending with natural pheromones”. Learn more at

No sitting on a sunny beach, sipping on a soft drink, no relaxing, it was go, go and go.

My dad would NEVER travel with an organized tour or group. (He’s a man, after all, he likes to do his own thing! Remember, a masculine man doesn’t like to listen to anyone else!). So the itinerary was never fully set out in advance, and sometimes an adventure turns out the best that way with human pheromones.

Sometimes, we would be lucky to get on the last train to depart a city, sometimes we would have to share a room with other travellers in a hostel.

But as a young boy, I loved them, and I treasure those memories. (As a man now, I would still love to do that again). I appreciate your own choices in holidays and travelling styles, but also start to appreciate others’.

If you have a man in your life, take some time to figure out his IDEAL holiday, what would stimulate him...‘?

What would be his ultimate getaway?

Perhaps it’s an African wild life Safari; perhaps it’s a 10 day mountain bike adventure at the Machu Picchu in Peru‘? Perhaps it’s just a Caribbean cruise‘?

Whatever it is, start talking about it and figure it out for yourself and the ones you care about.

You’ll learn a lot in the process, and you’ll save yourself the trouble of finding yourself on a holiday that you truly don’t enjoy.

And if you ever plan a holiday with a man, always include activities that would matter.


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