Gamed by Pheromones

They are the ones getting gamed with human pheromones. They have had to adopt, statements and questions to help them understand, what's going on because it's coming at them.

They don't have a lot of choice like, the man usually has the intent. He is the one who has to open, so we are coming from a totally different view point. But, sort of like getting in to their head a little bit, say, "What are they trying to clarify here?" "Which game dynamic they are trying to figure out? What's going on?" Okay, so, what else? Check out my pheromones analysis according to

Now, this is going to make sticking point analysis hundred times more powerful pheromones , because sticking point analysis as it is based on repeated and recurring patterns in the field.

So, it's stuff that you do constantly which fucks up the pheromone cologne. Now, before we had game dynamics. There was no real frame work to see what the source was. You know what the actual incident was for example, "I leave the set too early" or "I neg the obstacle" o r "I (what else could you do?) Told her she is dumb for believing in astrology.” Something like that.

So, now we have an entirely new way to look a t them. We have developed the whole new classes, there are classes of sticking points on the game dynamics. So, if the set is explicitly unravelling on you then the possibility is that she is confused and she doesn't knows what game you are playing and it' s a lot easier to exit the communication. Because it’s almost like ,"Why am I gonna communicate with human pheromonese who is so confused?" Something must be wrong with them or they must have altered their motives and they are not telling me. Learn more at

The other possibility is that, you keep on dis - qualifying yourself as a player. So, we have a new way of looking at it. Now, normally sticking point analysis, deal is to look at your, some repetitive actions or repetitive occurrence and figure out what that is. You stil l do tha t. But now you wanna begin to ask yourself. "What's the source of this pheromone attraction?" "Why am I doing this?" "What is not clear?" "What am I not clear about?" "What am I not communicating on all the dynamics?" Do, I have lot of conflicting, if you are using routines th en, am I putting a lot of conflicting things?

Do I have like, something there would be SNL and then I have something that would be considered LTR? Do, I have some routine, that is showing something that I don't value the game goal? or I do value some other game goal? So, in one broad stroke, you can wipe out by identifying and then tightening up your communication on that game dynamic.

You can erase whole classes of sticking points. So, there are lot of thing that would have to be taken care in the future that no longer exists.


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