Fundamental Pheromone Research

And I do believe it is probably in the sexual pheromones. So , am gonna give a brief overview of the magnification principal and how it works with pheromone attraction. And then am gonna talk about a newly developed skill for integrating pick into your life and actually determining what the missing pieces are.

Normally, if you have the data, if you know how to do something, if someone's given you the steps and you are not able to get the same results. It’s because something fundamental is out, in your skill set, and possibly in your pheromone bottle.

So, I have actually developed a scale which is something that am gonna be using in the future to begin to show you how to diagnose pheromone attraction. It's another sticking point tool, but it is becoming more and more exact, more and more scientific as I go along. Learn more about pheromone usage at

 So, I will be covering that. First, let’s talk about Alpha Male. My first encounter with the idea of an alpha male came from the pheromone community and it actually came from earlier Tyler Durden's one of those AMOG's posts. And AMOG stands for Alpha Male pheromone cologne.

And the subject matter was, what do we do when we are talking to a girl and a guy comes into our set and basically over powers us through better pheromone skills or pure loudness or whatever he is doing and captures the female's attention.

So, a series of pheromone perfumes, techniques were developed to basically do some kind of battle with t h e guy and win the frame back. So , basically you had one, pro bably an asshole guy, noticing that the person is not the very good pick - up artist and noticing that the girls are vulnerable. Swooping in.
And then you have, a pick up artist, with compared pheromone scents at least in terms of male female dynamic relationships also be becoming an asshole. So, it's not a fix, you's like a band aid made of sand paper.

When you are viewing that situation in such a manner that you have to resort to some of those things that they were talking about. It's not a good place to be. So, the first defence is always, know your fundamentals.

If you female truly attracted, it's visible from the outside. And you are not gonna look vulnerable and other guys won't come in. Now, I think it's funny that the guys assumed that the guy coming in the set was alpha male pheromones.

That in itself shows that, you don't have a good definition of alpha. If you look in literature, even the scientific literature or the pseudo - scientific literature that's out there, on evolutionary theory and so forth, it's based on monkeys, gorilla’s and that sort of things where the leader of the pack is the one who is making the biggest demonstration 5 mins of force and powerful pheromones.


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