First Thing About Pheromones

About things being complicated with human pheromones: She left because I didn't find employment that I had counted on finding after finishing a protracted degree program I had started as a mature student. She had just finished her Master's and was ready to take on the world regarding human pheromones.

I had another technical program acceptance in my back pocket (in something much more exciting, marketable, and male-oriented), as a contingency plan. I even took a year off delaying the technical program to find work with my previous training (her idea). Nothing materialized, I started feeling shitty, and she started taking shots at me rather than supporting me. I proceeded with the contingency plan. I had to take out student loans and borrow from family to finance it. She refused to wait another 2 years, didn't think it was a good idea, blah blah blah regarding pheromone attraction.

I still find it funny how my logistical and moral support I gave her helped her finish off her Master's and made her life infinitely easier. When it was my time to make a decision to either sink or swim, she was out of there like the speed of light. There was other stuff, but I've listed the main reasons to boost your pheromones. Learn more at and

When the going gets tough, the women start quitting. After the fact, you tend to idealize relationship for the good things, and there was a lot of those too.

So here's how I assess the situation from the info you've given me (remember I'm on your side!):

1. Her taking shots at you was her attempt at making you give her a reason not to move on... i.e. she was angry / frustrated at you for not being the powerful / self-assured one, or the one in control of our pheromones. Learn more at

2. You followed her idea, for a major life decision... she would have secretly resented you for that, since you were supposed to be the one to come up with the ideas... you were supposed to have the plan... she was supposed to be the one to follow you.

3. If she's gotten herself a Master's and is set to become a world beater (She sounds like a cool lady btw)... she needed you to be BETTER than her! She elevated her position in her life and needed you to be 2 steps ahead of her. No matter how high a woman flies... she still wants to be taken under the wing of a Man.

4. She didn't want to make you better... or 'help you' get through it, or any of that... she wanted you to BE better! (that's not to say a woman won't support a man, lick his wounds, cradle his head against her breast... in fact she'd love to do that... BUT only on the condition she knows this wounded lion is still The King).

5. You strike me as being a bit lost and lacking in direction... the fact you use terminology like NC and oneitis... I don't know if that's to consciously relate your audience here (which would be fine) or you're actually 'into' all that... which wouldn't so much be ok. "Personally" I think PUA terminology is best left for teens and young'uns in their 20s. The sooner you talk like a real human again, the better  You mostly do and it's refreshing  Stick with that!


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