Feelings with true pheromones

This is why men find this weird. Masculine men communicate with each other to get to a point. Details are completely unimportant, and so are feelings with true pheromones.

I met up with a wonderful girlfriend of mine today. We talked for two hours over tea. It's always 2. hours. If you ever meet up with a girlfriend, take note of this, it's quite fascinating. Even if you're together with a man, and you want to have a 'talk', it usually takes 2 hours on average, sometimes 3 pheromones per user.

Anyway, we were catching up today and we did not stop talking. For 2 hours straight. And the conversation was always changing with natural pheromones.

Now allowing yourself to be ever changing isn't just about allowing that to happen during a talk with your girlfriends. It's about your emotions in an given moment. Learn more at http://whitneyyoungcdc.org/an-hour-with-pheromones/

Sometimes, you can have a depressing talk with a man for 15 minutes, and then when you've finished, you're making a cup of tea, and you feel like giggling. And as soon as the man asks you "what are you giggling about‘?‘?" you are looking out the window by then saying 'OH! Look at the sky! It's so pretty this evening! " having totally gone off track looking for alpha male pheromones.

Don't be afraid to allow this part of you show. Masculine men crave it, even if they 'oomplain' that a woman always changes her mind. In fact, every memory I have from the past of a man complaining about his wife changing her mind usually says it with a smirk or grin on his face, indicating that although this frustrates him sometimes, he can't help but be besotted by this woman. And he sure hasn't left her, has he‘? It's interesting. Often, what we SAY frustrates us about the opposite sex is the very thing we are attracted to in the opposite sex pheromones. How would there be any excitement if there Wasn't this kind of frustration mixed with attraction‘? Love, Renee. Some men commit out of obligation and being nagged by the woman, or just because they think that they should, but ultimately, triggering a genuine, emotional commitment from men (where it is entirely the man's decision) is as simple as being vulnerable.

David and I are always discussing and exchanging ideas and information from our research and one thing that has come up in our discussion a lot is the topic of what triggers romantic love and emotional commitment in men. Over time, what we have learned is that yes, to men, there are two types of women.

These are the two pheromone user types:

1) Women who trigger sexual desire, and cause men to want to have sex with them; and

2) Vulnerable women who trigger commitment. A commitment is in the form of devotion, tenderness, and even sexual fidelity for a lifetime. You know What? Every man is different and every woman is different. But there are some things that each ‘species’ — male or female, have in common. It comes down to biology. The way we are built, in order to serve evolution.


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