Fear With Pheromones

We’re Not Enough The thought that you are not enough, in any scenario, is completely normal with sex pheromones. Normal, but not beneficial in today's world. Fear is a liza rd brain thing. We needed it, on a basic primal level. Now, you may be wondering why I am saying this, since I keep telling you how incredibly important it is for you to develop unshakeable confidence. How can it be normal if I keep talking about having unshakeable confidence and how important it is? The reason is because, as humans evolved, the fear that we are not enough actually helped us survive. ALL fears have helped us survive with human pheromones. Learn more at http://nuitamericaine.net/index.php/2017/01/15/the-miracle-of-pheromones/  and http://www.aanza.org/pheromones-effort/

Including insecurity. Insecurities help us feel safe and like we are ke eping away from danger. Think about what insecure women would do, historically. They might see a more attractive woman in the tribe and proceed to try to question her man about how attractive he finds her and whether he will take his resources elsewhere, or try to control him so that he wouldn't take his resources elsewhere. And this might work for a bit, at least long enough to get herself pregnant and pass on her genes of true pheromones.

Insecurity, historically, might also motivate women to spread bad vibes to other wo men, insecurity would also motivate women to use the power of talk (meadow reports), and gossip to form alliances and small groups that would make her feel protected and increase her chances of survival. Fear is the number one motivating human emotion. Fa r more motivating than greed and desire. It's true. This is a complete surprise for many people, because, when you look around, you see that there are a lot of people who seem greedy.

And because it's so common, you'd think that greed is more motivating than fear. And people tend to cover up their fears, to make them less obvious to everybody, so this is why greed seems to be more widespread. But we could only be greedy when our basic survival needs are met. Our basic survival need is certainty (or security, if that word hits home for you). We need to have some kind of certainty before we can get ourselves to do anything. If you are reading this, and you became aware that for some reason, the ground beneath you would not hold up, you wouldn't be reading it. You would stop in an instant. In fact, you wouldn't have even known consciously that you made a decision to stop, because you would have reacted out of fear of natural pheromones.

And believe it o r not, what we are talking to you about right now - gaining confidence, does not sell in the dating and relationships market. Very few people actually CARE to become confident. If I wanted to make a dime in the dating world, I sure would not focus all my energy on a program to help women become confident. Why? Because the majority of people just do not care about becoming confident. They are not even conscious about this, but they simply don't value it. And to really help women, I have to speak to them w here they are at with sex pheromones.


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