Fear of Pheromones

However, if you are single, this fear is always a distraction when using natural pheromones. It's also an illusion. What is TRUE is that you don't need to compete with them, this is the Wrong place to put your focus, because you are really fighting a losing battle in your head. You've set yourself up for failure, because in your mind, you cannot be 25 again and you cannot have their so—called hair or their age.

This is just your lizard brain looking for excuses to not go out, out yourself out there and really focus on finding your man with true pheromones.

If you must focus on age or looks, just take a look around you! There are countless attractive and successful men dating women who some would call unattractive. Also, there are countless men dating older women. And, there are countless men dating Women who are overweight. So, never use these excuses. Those excuses are for other women to use, but not you. What is really important is the connection you have with a man and relaxing in to your true feminine self. When two people are connected, they worry far less about looks, age, and weight, simply because of how that person makes them feel! Pheromones make women more attractive pheromones.

It’s ironic that even though I teach this every single day, sometimes it’s still easy to overlook the critically important differences between masculinity and femininity. (Even with things like taking a holiday.) Learn more at http://catalyst-ct.com/2017/01/29/sexy-pheromones-without-being-masculine/

So, I got a little wiser the next time we took a holiday.

Remember, we are all just looking for a feeling. We think we want this or that, but underneath our search for 'things' is simply that we are looking for a feeling. We want to feel, and to magnify our emotions. And relationship is the most powerful way to magnify emotion with human pheromones.

A man is out there for you. I know he is, and so do you. An adventure, of course, is mostly a challenge by nature of true pheromones.

But that doesn’t mean no woman shouldn’t be stimulated by adventure, it just means the feminine energy inside of her won’t be stimulated. But rather it would stimulate the masculine energy inside of her pheromones.

We all have a balance of masculinity and femininity inside of us and we Won’t be happy if we don’t honor that balance and gravitate to our core energy.

This means if you are truly a feminine Woman inside, then you’ll get sick of adventure holidays much sooner than a masculine man would be.

If I were to be forced to sit at a beach sipping cocktails for a week, I would be both bored out of my mind and probably turn into an alcoholic at the end of that week. Those things don’t stimulate the masculine energy inside of me with real pheromones.

Where as, if you gave me a map, a small backpack, and my passport, that’s all I need for an adventure that could probably last years.

In other words, What would stimulate me on a holiday, won’t necessarily stimulate Renee on a holiday. That was a breakthrough moment for me.


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