Exceptions with Pheromones

One last thing I'll add.... The actual seduction pheromones. There are only 3 moves in this world of extremely subtle calibration. And it's 3 moves for a reason. The women in this world are super confident with natural pheromones. And you should be too. Super confident people don't treat seduction like a long, drawn out getting to know you process. That is the shit you get for being a pua or a no life wannabe player. That's not how women really are. That's just the version of her who's bored and using guys for validation. Learn more at http://www.bruceskitchen.ca/use-more-pheromones/

In my experience with beautiful women, there are only 3 moves that I have ever seen. Sexual eye contact (somtimes she might twirl her tongue, smile, or lick her lips), accidental sexual kino (dumping her ass or chest into you, bending over when she knows you are walking up behind her, etc), and plausible deniability. Plausible deniability is an excuse to hang out without using sex pheromones as a context....even though the intention is to hook up. Like we should watch a movie together sometime...or we should smoke weed together sometime...It usually ends with "together sometime". These are the 3 universal moves that all sexy confident women do. You can even use it on them. You'll be speaking their language. Hot women live for accidental sexual kino, under the table eye contact, sexual tension, and pretending to hang out while secretly desiring to hook up. If you see any other type of behavior from women, it means you blew yourself out somehow by doing something when you shouldn't have been doing anything but the 3 moves on your real pheromones.

At one point, I forgot I even had a personality. I was getting laid a lot but I was so damn boring to my male friends. In a sense, I sort of became the male version of the hb 8, 9, and 10. I lived in their world, used their vernacular and mode of communication, and adopted their way of life. It was just a world of pulsating sexual tension. Once you live in this world, you will never see women as sluts ever again. It would be the opposite. You would see non-sexual women as total buzzkills natural pheromone production.

A lot of guys try to become alpha male pheromones because they think it would help them attract women, and therefore, make them happy. As a guy with infinite validation, I can tell you that women do not have the power to make you happy. Women can only give you what you already have. They are a reflection of who you already are. You attract what you are. And if you are miserable, you will attract miserable women, and they will add on to your miserableness. If you are happy, then you will attract happy and fulfilled women and they will add on to your completeness. This is the law of the universe. It is not even negotiable. You always get back what you give out. No exceptions.


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