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Remember back to the earliest issues of Pheromone Attraction Control Monthly, we talked about the three levels of brains? The lizard brain, the mammalian brain, and the human brain (the neo cortex?)

Well, your job (and your gift to yourself) is to use you r human brain, your consciousness and your awareness, to observe your own feelings and your own thought processes. So this is action step 1: Observe your own thought processes and write them down, at every opportunity that you get. Buy yourself a little note book to write them down in! I did this recently and it has been the best investment I've made in a while. Write down every insecurity, and every little thing you focus on. This is so that you can refer back to the book, and so that you can see, right in front of you, just how shocking many of your thought processes are. You need to fine tune your own awareness. That's right, awareness. Awareness of how your subconscious mind is working without you being aware of it. Through awareness, you can have far more control over what happens to you in the dating world and in your relationship. And awareness is the best self protection. Not reactions, or impulses that come from insecurities. Awareness is one of the single MOST valuable things you can have as a human being pheromones. Learn more at http://www.wahlstromvaliant.com/all-sorts-of-pheromones/ and http://www.myredlandroof.co.uk/2016/11/powerful-pheromone-cologne-for-men/

Why? Because it's rare. A high school education is not awareness. A college education is not awareness. Just reading books will not lead to awareness. Most people are letting their subconscious rule their entire life, without ever finding out. People just use "education" in the traditional sense of the word to further feed their false and fantasy ideas of how life should be. But true awareness comes from observing yourself and the people around you, and the world, as it is. Not as it should be. Look for what is. People think that a PHD will have them set for life. They will be the most significant thing around, at least for a short time. They think tha t's all they need to be set forever. But fast forward 10 years, and they are getting fired and replaced by a cute 30 year old. This is not to say you should be negative. This is not even to say that you should EXPECT to be replaced by a cute 30 year old who adores human pheromones. Learn more at http://daaralathar.com/intentional-pheromones/

Action Steps to Becoming Confident Here's your first step to becoming more confident: for the next 5 days, wherever you are, whether it's at work or at home or interacting with friends or men, I want you to practice becoming conscious of the actions that you take that are from a place of in security.

The man who is totally laid back and cool about other me n checking your body out? I don't think I need to say anymore about that other than secretly, a man really just wants you to use your own insecurities to bring passion and desire and fire in to the relationship instead.


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