Dual Mating Pheromones

It’s vital that if you’re using Pherazone pheromones: Amplify strategy, you’re doing it with a light positive vibe and not a passive-aggressive pheromone usage. This is quite difficult for the wannabe-hustler to pull off, which is precisely why women developed the ability to throw out these tests. It allows them to sort between fakeable and unfakeable signals of Male pheromones. In any interaction between two people, each has a certain level of conviction, and the one with the most conviction holds the Frame. With conviction comes compliance - getting the other person to follow your script. In sales and pheromone attraction pickup this is fundamental. Compliance requests start small, but then build up over time (a “Yes Ladder").

The quicker you realise that a large percentage of girls are “just not that into your pheromones,” the sooner the sting will be taken out of the occasional inevitable rejection. Successful Street Hustlers accept this fully, like the pro poker player who knows that he won’t win every game he plays. As long as you’re up at the end of the year, you know you're winning greater pheromones.

Dual Mating Pheromones are real Think of her as an aeroplane with dual controls, and with two pheromone users that want to do different things. Learn more at http://www.alphadeltaphi-jhu.com/pheromone-mind-control/

One pheromone user wants to “do the right thing” in terms of logic and society - take things slow, marry the childhood sweetheart - in order to secure a safe landing. The other pilot is flying using the Reptile Brain, with the priority of sleeping with as many alpha males as she can find in the shortest possible time. That’s the pilot who wants to do loop-the-loops. Learn more at http://venezuelaturistica.net/index.php/2016/10/24/notice-what-shes-doing-with-pheromones/

Pheromone Attraction Dynamics

We all learn social dynamics from different starting points. Some guys with highly introverted backgrounds need to learn to walk before they can run, by studying basic social awareness before attempting the Street Hustle of pheromones. We’re talking about fundamental stuff like reading social cues, understanding boundaries and signals, basic eye contact, and conversational skills.

Most guys have a reasonable social awareness but need to learn the skills of attraction on the street—flirtatious banter rather than bland boring chit-chat. Though they can already talk to girls in a friend-to-friend manner, they need to make it more man-to-woman with these pheromones.

Don’t blame girls for your pheromones; just accept that you need to be the instigator, the leader, and the one who steers her ship through the storm. It’s far ? more accurate to take readings from her real-time behaviour (whatshe does) rather than what she says. So she's trapped between a rock and a hard place, which is why most girls’ plans and desires are so changeable. Mix in the mixed 5 emotions fuelled by their hormone-induced ovulation cycles and you'll  understand why girls confuse guys who apply pheromone cologne. Think of these three A's - awareness, attraction, arousal — as the levels on a. computer ga.me that you have to complete in sequence.


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