Don't Worry About Pheromones

Even if you think you’re 100% right and not to blame… you’re wrong about how pheromones work. End of story. I’ll repeat that.

You are always to blame for at least 1% of any issue that arises in your relationship. Didn’t like hearing that? Too bad. These are tips to communicate effectively and avoid conflict, not stroke your ego pheromones!

So when you point fingers and try to play the blame game, just keep that in mind. Take responsibility upfront and when you should, because when nothing is always 100% her fault, which means it’s always a tiny bit yours. You can focus mostly on her, but this is a powerful realization that tends to take the edge off of emotional spikes and outbursts.

I know most of you are rolling your eyes at this and proclaiming your innocence, but let’s consider the ways that things can, even incredibly indirectly, spiral out of control and go wrong using cheap pheromone perfume. Learn more at and

Say you feel that your woman doesn’t spend enough time with you. But last time she asked to hang out with you, you sent a text telling her it was fine that she go out with her friends instead. And then the next time she asked to hang out with you, you said it was fine. And then it happened a third time. And so on.

Fast forward through that pattern and you can easily see how you set a tone that breeds misunderstanding and the blame game, even though you indirectly did it.

One more analogy? Why is it when a friend of a murderer, who may not even do anything besides not turn the murderer in, is charged with a crime as well? (Whoa, heavy example.) Oh, I’m sorry, was that not the reaction she was seeking?

It’s about proactively preventing situations and not just dealing with them as they develop because you haven’t prevented them. Woman is upset about X, which you are somewhat to blame for. Woman talks to us about Y, which is only tangentially related to X. Woman is upset when we don’t intuit that she is upset about X.

Sound familiar? This chapter is about figuring out your woman’s behavioral patterns, and determining how you can best react to her in various ways she comes to you.

Let’s imagine a common type of conversation you’ll have with your woman.

Okay, so maybe men as a whole aren’t as good as reading body language and emotional reactions… but we also don’t read tiny hints very well!

Men on the whole are simply far less intuitive, observant, and emotionally sensitive and emotionally intelligent than women are. Not something you needed me to tell you. But the consequences of this stark gender difference might be something you might want to consider.

Despite whether we actually know what they’re feeling or we are being oblivious like Elmer Fudd, the fact remains that a reasonable woman cannot assume that anything will happen just from dropping a subtle hint of displeasure.


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