Don't React To Pheromones

A lot of people get confused about the concept of not reacting to human pheromones. It doesn't mean being inactive. It means your behavior is not emotionally reactive. You don't feel a threat. You laugh it off because your confidence isn't affected. Like if I had a billion dollars and a bum said he had more money than me, I would still interact with him, but you will clearly see in my body language that I am not taking him seriously/or I am tooling him. I'll be like "Yeah suuuure buddy. That cardboard box you're sleeping in definitely look 5 stars". I am not getting defensive simply because I am a billionaire and he is a bum. That's what being unreactive means pheromones always work.

Not getting defensive because you are that much stronger. It does not mean standing there with a blank expression on your face. Only truly confident people are unreactive. So in other words, the real principle is be confident. That principle should be less confusing. If you are truly confident in your life, you automatically don't take criticism from lesser people seriously. You just laugh it off. If you start emotionally reacting to people, it is a sign you are insecure/unsure about yourself about pheromone attraction according to

I get conflicted between reacting or not reacting. I get to not react emotionally or get upset about anything but don't u have to verbally react to something? Because even though u r above it others might perceive u as weak due to their programming for e.g. I remember some girl shouting at me and her friends were around, at that time I chose not to react consciously just to see what would happen, she simply left but later I was thinking, what were her friends thinking about me and how would they perceive me if I had reacted with natural sex pheromones?

So if u r in a social situation and some guy is messing with u, if u don't react, he and others might perceive u as weak, no?

and then when u don't say anything, that gives them the leeway and they keep on doing it because they know u won't react so u become an easy target, no? You can't truly stop giving a fuck as long as you have an identity. People who have stopped giving a fuck are people who no longer have their egos invested in what people think. They don't have an "image" to live up to. To achieve this state of being, you must truly let yourself go. You have to let yourself "die". Then you will be reborn again as a carefree, flexible person who is no longer bounded by an imaginary identity of true pheromone usage.

Having an identity and having an image to live up to is the source of most of our fears, anxieties, and stubbornness. There are things that you know you need to do as a person in order to fully experience life. You usually know that you need to do these things because they bring up the most anxiety. Some of these things are approaching beautiful women, stepping up and taking the lead, standing up for yourself and others, being more social, expressing yourself freely without fear of judgement, etc. These are things you need to do in order to have a full human experience. However, you can only do these things by leaving your ego at the door. You will never completely come out of your shell and fully blossom if you have an over sensitive ego holding you back for more pheromones.


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