Develop Your Inner Pheromones

In order to really develop your inner game and become a truly high self esteem pheromones  and secure person, you must give up your need to be understood, liked, or approved and validated. Don't even seek closure. That is just your ego over reacting to conflict. Leave everything up in the air. This is the sign of true pheromone strength and acceptance of reality. There have been times where I have been in conflict with some of my female cousins. We would argue about something, they would over react to me, and then I would leave it up in the air. And then they would start crying. They can't stand the lack of closure. It is too much pain for them to handle. The separation. The lack of closure is like hell to them. This would actually teach them a lesson and they would think twice before engaging in conflict with me in the future. I live in awkward tension. I have a residence in total despair and uncertainty. I consider myself the prince of hell. Only, I view it as heaven. You won't get anything out of me but a deep void. The deep void is comforting to me, but painful for others. This is what true security is, when you don't care about the needs of your ego. The ego hates the void. The ego hates uncertainty. The ego hates lack of closure. The ego hates awkward tension. The ego is the opposite of self esteem and security with natural pheromones. Learn more at

Being secure doesn't mean you have 1 million dollars. Being secure means you are perfectly okay with not having 1 million dollars. Most of the western culture have it backwards. They think security means to guarantee your life from failure. Real security means you don't need guarantees. People think security means being safe from the chaos of life. Real security means you have the grit to handle the chaos of life that will eventually manifest itself. People think security means to safeguard yourself from uncertainty in sexual pheromones. Real security means to be comfortable in uncertainty. People think security is to escape hell. Real security is becoming the prince of hell. Who is more secure than the devil himself?

I am at the point now where I love leaving things up in the air. I love not reacting to bratty behavior and see people get swallow up in their own awkwardness. I love awkward tension and seeing people crumble from the mistakes of indulging in their ego. After awhile you start to see a pattern, and human beings start to become predictable. You know what it is they are after. You know their regrets. You know their fears and tensions. It unfolds right before your very eyes using true pheromones.

On this level of total abundance, I must avoid being around desperate guys who put game on a pedestal. To me, to be obsessed with game is the most low value thing you can do. You should be obsessed with transcendence. Transcend the game, not play it. In order to overcome the pain of being a man, one must become a beast.  Everything I talk about is transcendence. I am very careful with who I allow to hang around me. I only want to surround myself with people at my level or greater. I know the importance of osmosis and influence. 


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