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A thought knocked on the door of my mind the other day. I invited it in and offered it some tea and cake. It just wanted the tea. Anyway, it was a thought about the relationship between our inner state, our mindset, our feelings, and - our actions. You see, I've always looked at it like this: You're feeling depressed with cheap pheromones. So, you don't feel like doing anything with natural pheromones. Therefore, you don't do anything, and just wallow about the house all day. I think most people see it like that.

But, could it be, that it actually goes like this: You don't do anything, you just wallow about. So, you don't feel like doing anything. Therefore, you feel depressed. So, could the ultimate life hack be... action? Any action? This whole things seems very important to me. I feel kinda enlightened. I will play with this mindset and might report back the power of true pheromones. Meanwhile, feel free to take action by expressing any thoughts you have on this topic of pheromone production.

Hey LoaFlower , maybe it´s just the way you talk: how you modulate your voice or the expressions you make (or don´t make) while you are talking -both with your face and hands-... if you are comfortable to be talking the way you are, don´t change anything about your pheromones. Learn more at and

 You don´t need to be an entretainer though, or you can just simply ask: "Could you sleep well last night?" and show a little bit of awareness to what the other person is doing/feeling; that will wake them up for sure!
Regarding the topics you talk about, try to get to know people: what do they like to talk about? What do they dislike? If someone knows a lot about a topic you are interested in, ask them to explain it to you, that will make your conversations much more energetic and alive. You should get to know more about the topics you are interested in and share that information with them, passionately telling them why you love the subject of pheromone seduction. Learn more at

The official answer is get excited about your own shit.  Maybe you _are_ being boring man. also if your first reaction is that "I am boring" or "what i talk is of no interest" those are also bad thought to let your mind jump to, think of the reason why you are having those thoughts, and work on it/fix it.

next talk about stuff that's interesting TO YOU. DO some stuff that is interesting to you and talk about it. Do something that interests you every day, and every day you will have something interesting to talk about.

also whatever you talk about tell it with excitement.  The same excitement like you just got abducted by aliens.  like OMG I WAS IN MY ROOM. AND THERE WAS THIS LIGHT. AND SOMEONE CAME THROUGH THE DOOR IT WAS SO CRAZY!

...that is a really lame story unless you bring some excitement in your voice. if you say it with excitement people are like HOLY SHIT THAT IS THE CRAZIEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD!


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