Considering Proven Pheromones

That's something that I'm considering as well with proven pheromone colognes. It could be that I'm intimidating the fuck out of her. If you can't friendzone a guy then you might actually risk falling for him to increase his pheromone production.

That movie night she just behaved weird. Eyes down while walking past me and all. Pheromone solution: DONT FALL INTO HER frame.

call her up right now and start talking to her dirty on the phone. tell her to get on her knees.

SHES GONNA TRY TO GET U TO FALL INTO HER pheromones frame. Everytime u even sensed a little bit ur falling into her frame just be like "ur funny girl,get on ur knees." Once u get her to be on her knees u pretty much got her, shell be ur slave. trust me. just dont freeze your pheromones. Just make sure, and this is important, that you jack off while you're calling her too Tokamak, and make creepy noises, and lick the phone. In fact say something like "I'm watching you through the window" to really make it hot. Girls love that. You can hide in the bushes or a tree wherever it's all good, and ignore the police when they come they don't matter, just keep jacking it until you come, and then when she runs away everytime she sees you remember she's just playing 'hard to get pheromones in humans. Learn more at and

I can tell you from my pheromones experience of doing it to 15+ girls not one ever told me to fuck off or even a "ur rude". If I see theyre not comfortable with it i just back down and new thread with more energy. And when i say it creates slaves, I’m not kidding. The girl will literally become your bitch and thank u for it. Learn more at

Of course i been practicing it with girls since high school so its become natural, calibrated, and good at the natural pheromones.

What centurion said about the police coming and yur creeping on her, and your raping her doesn’t register with my reality at all. Well it did when i first tried the phone thing in high school. Thats because its out of his reality now just like it was out of mine when i was in high school. Its understandable. Before i used to think i will get mocked too when i started the phone thing until a friend of mine just told me to try it. [can u imagine doing it to girls u went to school with and u would see everyday with natural pheromones?

So just try it see what happens when you increase your pheromone perfume scent, whats the worst that can happen?. I have and had LOTS of girls thanking me for the experience and saying "my bed has never been this wet before, come over and see for yourself". Of course, i wouldnt be surprised if lots of people think im lying right now because its out of their reality. Usually when i say something thats out of peoples reality i get two responses: "bullshit thats a lie" or "thats dumb". So i knew i would get a response like that from someone. Its happened before, its not the first time, and it sure wont be the last time. Of course i cant let it from speaking the truth. Truth because ive done it multiple times and saw the reactions. 


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