Confidence With Natural Pheromones

And, we are hard - wired to compare to others.  So, especially in the dating world, we are always comparing our mate and ourselves to other people. This is one reason why confidence is a MUST, not a SHOULD, in your life. When you present yourself with confidence, and when you show up as a confident woman pheromones.

Pheromones over and over again in your love life, it's much easier for men to conclude, in their own minds, that YOU are the best. Not any other woman. Because you are actively presenting yourself as the best. I really hate the thought of you going through life , experiencing the suffering that comes with "accepting" that you are not "the best".

When you do this, you accept a lot LESS than you truly desire to have in life. Because you subconsciously don't believe you are worthy of the best. Or even worse: a lot of men and women out there right now have to live with the subconscious knowledge that they were chosen by their significant other because their significant other felt that they could not get any better than them. I hear about this a lot, and it pains me t o know people are going through this. What could be worse with real pheromones?

So, if you are confident, you are far less likely to attract a man who has chosen you because HE felt he couldn't get any better. Because you would already show up as the best. And, here's an ins ight about men: on a purely biological level, men feel that women have all the sexual power. Men, in general, have a lot less sexual opportunities than women. Men produce 300 million sperm every day! Sperm is cheap. Women release one egg per month. Eggs ( females) are far more expensive than male pheromones. Learn more at and

This makes people want to run from you. So, confidence was essential for our survival. Only, here is the problem in today's world. We don't live in a world where we are compared to maybe 50 - 75 other females only anymore. Today, we don't live in tribes anymore. We still form tribes to make connection, we just don't live in tribes. So this means that all we have to do now is log on to facebook, and 2 seconds later, you can find another woman or man who is more successful than you, more attractive than you, prettier than you, or with more options than you. Now of course, you feel a lack of confidence because you are making these comparisons in your head. And it is only a perception. So, it is not necessarily TRUE that you are less successful or  have less options than another woman, but you have the perception that this is the truth.

It's true. And how many men in the world are rich, famous, handsome AND tall? A huge MINORITY. Just one last huge benefit of confidence. Unshakeable confidence weeds out weak men who cannot handle you, take care of you, and your feminine energy. It weeds out insecure men. Men who can't stay strong and present when you challenge them with your own viewpoints on life.


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