Bonus Pheromones

This is a bonus pheromone formula for owners of Pherazone. If you don't Pherazone, just skip ahead to the next set of pages. If you moved through The Energetic Tunnel in a gradual, layered way, you probably found that the effects compounded.

Doing one exercise got some effect on pheromone output, then continuing to do that exercise while also doing a second exercise produced much stronger effects for both. And this likely continued with each new exercise, so long as you kept doing the previous exercises as well. And if that was your approach, you probably found that women would often seem to get high off your mere presence, because you were broadcasting something that they are equipped to receive androstenone pheromones. Learn more at and

Doing this, it may seem that you are emanating some kind of field. To the degree that this was and is the case for you, you can also allow yourself to relax into the idea that particles, and the waves between them, can function for you as targets for energy projection-- as vessels of pleasurable feeling. To do this, just tune into the eyes-defocused, knees-loose, muscle-softened state that you have been cultivating through the et program... view yourself from a distance... see yourself as an ego-less conduit, a bridge between two Meaningful energetic Sources, above and below... and then imagine the Pleasure and Good energy and Power traveling up and down through you is now beaming out into the things around a woman; the spaces between those things; and into her. And that the more such energy beams out from you, the more such pleasurable energy beams back into you. Take your focus off her; don't think of her as a person, or an intelligence, or an individuated ego that is split from the Universe of Human Pheromones.

She's just matter and energy within the field you are shaping, guiding, feeding, heightening-- and being fed by. Do this, and without care or expectation, notice her response. There are a few Big Picture distinctions that make cultivating the detailed elements within The Energtic Tunnel easier . 1) Put yourself in a good state first. And for that matter, put yourself in a good state before you enter the room. Why? Because a woman will subconsciously start registering, or attempt to start registering, your state long before she consciously pays attention to you. If you're a dot on the horizon, she'll still subconsciously try to get a feel for you... so that by the time she's consciously aware of you, she'll have a "feeling about you", without knowing why.

Women are attracted to circular, self-validating systems. The more extensively you can frame X as part of the Ten Thousand-Year Tradition of Hidden Internal Wing-Chun, or The Lived Expression of Real Heart-Centeredness, the easier it becomes for her to do and then to feel good about about having used Pherazone pheromones. To help a woman most smoothly and easily please you, it can be useful to transform the action you require of her into something other than an action. More precisely, you want to help her attribute her actions and decisions to classes, concepts, traditions, systems, and categories; to abstractions


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