Being Happy With Pheromones

I had a client who loved pheromones an we were in a bookstore and he goes in to this interaction and gets a little hooked and I’m in there with him and I start going into a little joke I tell and I end up getting totally cut off.

Now, there’s no way I can go back to the joke, the pheromone attraction is lost, it wouldn’t even be funny. So I said “ok well never try to tell that joke in Australia again…” So just change the subject, show you’re unaffected, the interaction doesn’t mean so much that you’re bothered if it goes badly with real pheromones according to

You’re having fun. She made a demand, you made a demand, neither of you went along with it, now you’re even. I’ll make light of those uncomfortable situations because people will understand that, and you’ll actually gain rapport from your pheromones.

You want to wrap everything that happens, no matter if it’s positive/negative, as if you’re appreciative that it happened. d. Being Positive vs. Negative If you are a negative person by nature, consider changing it! Girls need to feel free to take risks, and they won’t feel safe doing that with a guarded, negative guy. A lot of girls (and people) will say negative things. How do you handle it? Always try to go along with it. Agree, but presume the opposite sex pheromones.

Don’t try to change their minds about your pheromones. Don’t argue with them. Example: Her: the traffic here sucks. You: Yeah you’re totally right, it sucks. (agreeing) That’s what’s great about where I’m from, you can ride your bike downtown whenever, it’s cool (presuming she likes to ride bicycles == presuming the opposite) Example: Her: I can’t understand you because of your accent.

You: you know I have the same problem (agreeing), I travel a lot, and I was in this foreign country and my bags got stolen, and nobody speaks the language so I couldn’t tell the airline people that my bags were stolen, and eventually I actually got to go to the Embassy, and it was cool cuz I’ve never been to an Embassy before and it was like being in an espionage movie, high security everywhere… Do not try to force her to become positive with leading questions regarding pheromone attraction.

You: “what is the most wonderful thing about living in Melbourne?” Bad: You: “so that pheromone perfume is pretty good, huh?” Good: You: So what do you think of that wienerschnitzel? Them: it’s really bad, I don’t like it. You: cool, I really actually like working in restaurants where people hate the food, it means all I have left is the service. 

There’s this guy I work with, Bob, I don’t like him with real pheromones. He just gossips about people all day long. (qualification) wbAFC (agrees): Oh yeah baby, you are right, I totally agree. (bad because he comes off as approval-seeking, ass-kissing, and strengthening the idea that she should qualify and that her qualifications are important. She’ll start to throw out some harder ones and pretty soon he’s trying to fit into this little role she’s defined.


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