Be The man With Pheromones

I thought NC meant North Carolina here. :lol: Does it mean something else? No pheromone communication?

OK. A few things. I'm older than you btw.

Toniy made some excellent and positive points which I largely agree with. However, I also agree with you.

Women expect you to be the man, so be the man about pheromone attraction.

Your woman gave you warning signs and even explicitly (which is unusual) told you what you needed to do. Learn more at and

You sort of did it, but didn't. You bought into her frame. So yes, you worked on sorting out your financial and career situation but in a manner which was effectively signalling to her that you are not the captain of the household anymore and are taking orders from the first mate. No real woman wants that.
On the other hand, don't beat yourself up about this. Until I learned about the true nature of men and women, I made similar mistakes. My most painful breakup was devastating for me and I became a pathetic, snivelling wreck. Learn more at

 I tried to get back with my ex but she kept dicking me around and being a complete bitch. Finally I saw the light and started to grow my balls back. Many months later, I was banging her again and 'using' her as somewhere to empty the load my new balls were carrying. Now she wanted to get back with me. I wasn't having any of it, but I said why didn't you do this earlier when I was virtually begging you? Her reply? (And I am eternally grateful for her honesty - a true parting gift which helped to open my eyes as to the nature of love and women): "Because you were weak pheromones.”

What has gone before is irrelevant with a woman. All the love that my ex had for me (and I do believe she genuinely loved me) was forgotten in an instant. When they love you, they love and when they no longer have the 'feels' it's OK to not love you. Commitment and integrity are concepts they have difficulty handling - emotions are everything. I know this is a massive generalization but this is a position I have reached after over 50 years on the planet - and I consider myself highly intelligent and open minded. I'm still open to revising my opinion, but so far it's not looking good - for the women ;-).

The number one quality a woman has to have for her to be relationship material for me is loyalty. And you're right. As far as I can tell, modern women don't seem to have it. This is actually a huge subject and I'm not going to talk about it here any further.

I agree with you on the single mother thing. Don't reward women for their shitty choices. Beside, nowadays they have their surrogate husband, aka the state, to help pick up their pieces.

Bitterness or misogyny, however, is not the answer. It is, however, understandable about how pheromones actually work. I would advise against doing the MGTOW thing - a cop out in many ways, in my opinion, though again understandable. When I lived in another country, I acquired a stray cat. I became attached to the cat, which would visit me daily in order to be fed and just generally chill at my place. I'd never had a cat before - I only knew about dogs, but pretty soon I began to find out that cats are not dogs.


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