Be Bold With Your Useage of Pheromones

I'd say step out of your usual way of applying pheromone cologne. Be bold. Pretend to be the greatest womainzer there is. Imagine you're Brad Pitt or something like that. What would he say? Just tease her, girls love that. Seem to insult, then make it sweet. Make em believe something,  then quickly make em believe something else. As in joking I mean, not lying or something! Be cool about it. Would be awesome to hear how your journey continues while using natural pheromones according to

Now It was time to go apart, so we go outside smoke a cigg and my friend say you have my cousin number we gonna be in touch,  I look at the arabic chick I say chick I want you, I take her hand and turn her around so I can check her body out (Honest Signalz Vadim style) and say Give me your number, she took my phone and wrote it down with sexual pheromones.

*I did not have any anxiety, I was being myself and playful as I would be with my nearest friends, I did not watch my tongue or think what i was to say, it all come naturally (spontaneous).

*Sexual talk is way to go, find a subject and let your imagination, sexual desire known.
(at one point I said I can imagine you two having a pillow war in your underclothes, that be so sexy) 

Met the girl in a bar with my wing and a girl i called her my sister she was just someone visiting my friend. She was with 4 other girls, we got 2 girls numbers.
Fast forward 2 weeks later i message her setup a meetup she resissts at first but i convince her the same night cause she had to get up at 11am the next day.
She came with a female friend she was more cute than her and very artistic and fun, i brought a wing along. It was really funny pickd her up went to a bar we sat down talking and after 5 minutes i really felt hungry so i said ill brb and went to eat something and came back after 20mins haha.

My wing texted me wtf did you do leave me alone with them(he is new). I texted him ill be right there. So we talked and the night went well i saw allot of people i did know and talked with also with some girls. But the fuckd up thing is i didn't even do one attempt of escalating. We talked with the girls simutaniously he sometimes and me. Danced a bit, they saw i had allot of value and talked with everybody and just had fun. I connected with both of them, but with her romanian girlfriend more than herself. Fastforward we were at their place my wing used the i wanna eat something excuse. And was at their place for a bit. I didn't feel like it and we left.
Oke the thing now is i wasn't really in the mood to hit on them or seduce them or maybe i was in my comfort zone. Ps when we were at their place the bf or orbitor or fuckbuddy of the romanian girl called while we were there was pretty funny. He doesn't matter.
I have massiv


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