Attention to our Pheromone Skills

Well our pheromone attraction skills serve as our mental maps!

Why is this important? because when we act, we take the best pheromone usage decisions is made on a TRUE ENOUGH "map"!

Most often we kid our-self about what we know and don't know!  We need to separate the pheromones information that we know about, from what we assume we love human pheromones!

The better you get at this, and the better you get as reading women like they REALLY are, not like you assume they, are the better you are at navigating around their inner world!

We don't need mental crutches here, we need to get strong and powerfull enough to be able to handle the truth as it really is true pheromones!

Sure I need to make sure the map is accurate enough, I can't just draw my own subjective map, and expect to be able to go from a to b.  If you had just grabbed her neck there, and just kissed her, she would be yours! I'm sure of it, you are SO f... close man!

But what did you really expect with her pheromones?  That you would say that line, and then it would make her, move in close, grab your neck, bent you back, and kiss you into the floor? :-D You already got the pheromone communication rather right, now you just have to integrate it in your actions! Learn more at and

If I was you now, I would DECIDE not to want to be with her for a short period and simply move her actively into YOUR friend zone:

"You know, you are not really gf potential for me, but I had so much fun busting your big clit, so let's hang out and have fun, and you can help me score some of your hot gf's ... "  < obviously you need to be able to pull the frame for it to work! I didn't expect anything with those pheromones. That night I felt that everyone could go fuck themselves with their little networks, games and hierarchies. It's a night I will remember forever because I was caught up in it until she shook me out of it right there and then used more pheromones.

I feel I'm being dragged back in again therefore I write so I can get my head around my pheromone plans.

Consider this pheromone perfume metaphor: "Just remember that ever map you draw of the world is not real" - well one would then imply that no matter what map I make, it's totally subjective, hence all maps are basically useless! - That is not the case, if my map is good, and I want to go from a to b, the map can show me the way(there might be many roads that leads from a to b, but the map is still useful) ...

I have considered that. But she would see through that. It would work on any less perceptive girls but telling her that would be needy and manipulative pheromones.

No, I've drawn my line, she's going to get it next time we meet up and she knows it. Those are my terms and whether or not she goes along with it, that's for her to decide.


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