Alter Ego Pheromones Review for 2018

Alter Ego pheromone cologne is a highly effective male aphrodisiac. It is a seductive product consisting of fragranced varieties of three of the best pheromones known to man including the key pheromone responsible for alluring the opposite sex, androstenol. Androstenol has been reported to increase feelings of relaxation and contribute to enhancing social interaction. This renders it the ideal pheromone for finding the courage to converse with men.

Is It Effective?

Alter Ego possesses a staying power of six hours under normal usage. This proves a considerably greater duration in comparison to expensive colognes. This laboratory certified product is purchasable in 7.5 milliliter or half-ounce bottles for $49.95. It's surprisingly affordable in comparison to rival products which promise similar effects. In addition to this, the bottle is small enough to fit into your handbag during a night out so that you can discreetly apply more product as the night progresses.

These products do not constitute a pheromone scam. Reported results of these products include an increase in attentiveness and attraction shown by the opposite sex. Furthermore, women report that they feel sexier and feel more womanly and confident when wearing these powerful formulations.

How To Use It

The aforementioned products essentially contain pheromone oil. Pheromone oil is applied to the body using an eye-dropper. For the most effective results, products are typically applied in small amounts to the neck and the wrists. However, an application is not limited to these parts of the body. The amount of pheromone that you can apply can be increased gradually until you achieved desired results. Learn more about pheromone oils at

As pheromones worth together with your own unique body chemistry, no individual pheromone is guaranteed to be universally effective. For this reason, it is important that you purchase pheromones from a retailer held in high regard. That way you can try out the scent and if you are dissatisfied you can return it within a limited time period and receive a refund.


Alter Ego pheromone contains all three known and effective pheromone substances which are androstenone, androsterone, and androstenol. This is just what you would expect from a very high-quality product Alter Ego pheromone cologne has around 2 androstenone:1.5 androstenol: 1 androsterone. Alter Ego pheromone has a total of 3.375 mg worth of pheromones.

Ready to empower yourself with one of the best pheromone products in the market?


If you ever had problems making a good first impression then Alter Ego pheromone is right for you. Alter Ego has the best 3 known and popular pheromone substances which can help anyone get a good first impression. Androstenone for the Alpha male image, androsterone for the gentleman aura, and androstenol for the comfort and intimacy feel. Learn more at

It is hard for alter ego not to work for almost anyone.

Alter Ego comes in a small bottle and comes with a dropper. I often use this dropper to get liquid from my other pheromone products. It is also good for mixing pheromones and applying to on the body. One of the best features of Alter Ego is that it has a great smell so no cover scent is necessary, unlike most pheromone products. I prefer the scent of alter ego than most of my expensive colognes and pheromone products.

Like all pheromone products, the effects of alter ego is more noticeable on first impressions. So when trying to see how effective alter ego is, use it when going to a party or club or any gathering. This product has around 2 androstenone:1.5 androstenol: 1 androsterone. Alter Ego pheromone has a total of 3.375 mg worth of pheromones.


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