Actions on Pheromones

I wouldn't delve too deep into this because pheromones  matter...

The very basis of it seems to revolve around what a woman wants, and doing the polar opposite... which still makes HER the benchmark for everything you're doing, rather than YOU with cheap pheromones.

You're best served conducting your behaviour under the motivation of what you want... what are your dreams and aspirations... are you chasing them down? That kind of thing regarding true pheromones.

The sense I get from Toka's post is "Women want a provider, and a provider that continually works and seeks to provide better... and that's not what I do".

I sense a little bitterness (prove these academic princesses wrong), though I might be (and hope I am) wrong. Learn more at

Basically do what you want to do, don't care about what they think, and you're cool. All set.A woman's feelings don't just switch off one day. It just seems like that because they're very good at concealing their gradually decreasing attraction and men are really shitty at picking up on it... until one day, enough is enough and it "Hits them from out of nowhere".

Most of the time when a man is really forced to reflect (which happens all too rarely)... he'll realise there were warning signs and alarm bells going off everywhere. He just chose to ignore them, because the alternative would require more effort. And people are inherently lazy with pheromones.

Commitment and integrity are not concepts women have difficulty handling at all.

Men by and large today, just refuse to accept THEY are the ones who fucked up, who were too weak, who weren't 'Man Enough'... because largely it wasn't their choice to be that way, nor was it their fault. Men have been raised in a 'force-feminized' world (to borrow a phrase from a dear friend of mine) for half a century now on natural pheromones.

Most fellas aren't lucky enough to meet A Real Man by sheer circumstance... and there are so few of them around nowadays, most guys would have difficulty recognising that an 'excuse for a man' wasn't actually  'A Real Man' worth modelling themselves on.... but they can still be found. Even in movies (if indeed older ones).

POINT BEING -- Women are just fucking fine. I am yet to meet a woman who doesn't fall in line with, or melt in the presence of A Real Man. You cannot fight the animal inside and neither can they.

And it has to be said (I'm speaking generally now) - if that's not the effect you're having on Women yet, that's your fault and there's still work to be done. It's your responsibility. And remember, even though we use the term 'feminized' or 'force-feminized'... that's not Women being fucking evil or manipulative and somehow turning the world to their advantage... that's women doing the best they can in the absence of Real Men. You know I probably like you and think you're a good guy so please don't take this next bit harshly!  You sound like an angry, hurt, bitter, weak and resentful little man who wants to take revenge on women because he cannot accept responsibility for his own actions on pheromones.


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