20 Mins of Pheromone Usage

She thinks, “wow there’s some hunky guys just walked into the bar wearing powerful pheromone collgne.” You ask a girl ‘where’s that asian guy with the funky necklace’ and she knows you’re sitting at that table over there, 10 feet behind at 7 o’clock.

She knows whether you’re a cool guy or not and whether you are into wearing pheromones. If she doesn’t see you talking to anyone, she does not know if it’s safe to talk to you . They won’t know if you’re cool to talk to, or not a good socializer. They don’t want to talk to someone who’s goofy. So we go in and make the easy approaches first. Say you want to get to the two hot girls but there’s also a big 7-set and a 4-set near the door. Go up to the 4-set and open.

The opener does not have to be clever. “Hi, I’m Wayne.” This is not going to work on the people who are a little into their space, but it’s sure gonna work with the friendly people. This is how you go out and sarge alone – go out and meet people like this, and now you’re not alone with your pheromones according to http://www.purevolume.com/listeners/lavishrainbow7842/posts/5998345/The+Pheromone+Attraction+Touch

You’ve got friends. Now, a lot of guys make the mistake, they go into that first set and they’re not completely happy, so they leave and go to another set. Don’t do this! Stay in that first set, until you can grab somebody else – you see some girl walk by, give a little wave, she waves back, go in and pull her over and smells her pheromone spray.

Literally, within 20 minutes we know everybody in the bar, and this lowers your anxiety level dramatically. Because now if you approach someone and you get blown out, you don’t do the walk of shame, you just turn to a friend. And you get a different reaction when you approach a girl if you’re coming from a group, especially a mixed group. You’re not some creepy guy coming over to hit on them, you’re the ambassador from this other group checks out her pheromone perfume that hits her vomeronasal organ.

Sometimes, when you’re being social like that, you’ll literally see peoples in other groups’ pheromone signals change in their response when you look over, going from “closed off “ to “come talk to us.” The other night, we went into the bar and we’re a little nervous because we hadn’t talked to anyone yet, so I think “ok I gotta do an approach.”

So I go and start talking to this guy, and he’s with this other group with 3 or 4 people in it. Well the really hot girl, the hottest in the place, is like down in the corner, and she was with another group. So the thing is, I don’t wanna see anyone by themselves because of my pheromone profuction. I see this other girl and she was standing by herself, and she was a little ~rotund~. I give her a little waive and smile, she returns it, I go over and talk to her for a bit, I offer her a beer that someone had gotten us, I ask her who she was here with, and she says “oh, all those people down in the corner.” I say “oh, come and introduce me.” So the first rule is, if you see someone by themselves, go talk to them. The second rule is, don’t leave someone. If you want to ditch them, bring them to someone else and then leave them.


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