1% of Pheromones

You need to stop beating yourself up. You´ve approached and that already sets you up in the top 1% of men.

They could have ignored you but they stayed. So yes we always need to get better and learn but don´t beat yourself up. Like I´ve approached this cute 21 y.o. norwegian girl today at the beach.

I made a joke about her phone because it looked like 10 years old or a kids phone (probably the first iphone or something) I asked if she took it from her little sister. And she later came back to it, asking me how i knew, haha.

We talked for quite a bit as I was leaving the beach, it went pretty well, lots of smiles and giggles. At one point I felt like she didn´t want me to leave, but she also didn´t seem to come along with me, as she said she wanted to stay one or two more hours to get more tan. I tried her with some of my ancient lines I always use, "i really like your hair, but it´s extensions right? i usually prefer girls where everything is real". she said it is real, where i said it looks real nice, and she said she does sometimes put on extensions when she goes out. So this FELT to me like she didn´t fully want to comply with me yet, because she knows i don´t like extensions, but she still says she puts them on sometimes. Learn more at http://www.biarritzlabel.fr/pheromone-studies-in-insects/ and http://mahpa-sa.com/asexuals-and-sexaholics/

If she wanted to comply, she maybe wouldn´t have mentioned it. Lol. But that´s of course a lot of interpretation from my part and I could be wrong. When I was going to leave, she reached out to take my hand and told me her name, and she seemed like she didn´t want me to leave. I had DHVd a lot with what I do and she works in a similiar field.

But anyway, even if I didn´t ask for her number or go on a date with her right away, it was a great experience for me and I´d think also for her. And we surely will meet again as we even talked about this place at the beach and coming there often.

So you just want to enjoy the process, the interaction, and just don´t show too much interest before she´s interested.

You need to be excited and make it a fun process for you. Like I currently am interested on knowing how old people estimate me, so I asked her for her age, and when she asked me for my age I said guess. She gave me a pretty damn nice reply, saying I look like 25. When really I´m much older lol.

Not trying to brag just meaning to show you, that you can enjoy the process even if you don´t make out with her right away.

So if your favourite line is "are you adventurous/spontaneous" you might just want to package that better, like say you just went skydiving and the instructor looked just like her and is really adventurous/spontaneous if she´s adventurous/spontaneous too...and this will already give you a better result, compared to when the girl is wondering if she will be considered slutty if she says yes to the direct question.


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