you're not even interacting with pheromones

But for one because one if you're not even interacting with pheromones…you know…its right that off…that might be five times more important , because a person wants to be valued. Well there's that old saying that you know … nobody…(unclear) know their own name . Validation…if you're a leader … validation will give you validating the people around you will get you more in terms of pheromone output and loyalty than anything else.  Learn more at

Showing someone that the y are value d can actually cause them to raise up something called the human pheromones effect which was a study I don't have it right off the top of my head so might be entirely accurate but I know that I got the gist of it . and what they did was they took kids who were actually not very good at school and they took these kids … they haven’t take n the test an d then they basically lie to them and they said t hat they did fantastic … and now they were gifted and they were going to go into a special gift ed program for gifted kids. And categorically. These were schoolers , they became a lot more interested in studying it they came a lot more passionate they help themselves to a higher standard and it was basically just because they were told that they were valuable and that they were valued. So value her game goal…what does that mean?

Well its very simple ...if we use example of L.T.R. relationship…girlfriend… if you said something simple as. No everyman…you know…. I heard someone say that behind every good man there is a good woman and when I look back at times in my life when I've done the best is whenever I actually have had a girlfriend that I really felt was behind me and supporting me and it's not necessarily easy to find. You know when you have it … its really great. I just said that I value having a girlfriend. I have also put a little bit of a challenge in there too… and actually it comes natural to me because I use high quality pheromones. You just said I value this , this is something that’s good…you know. I wanna be a good man, I wanna do well… 1:05:00 … and I think I can do better if I have a good girlfriend by my side pheromones.

That actually will actually melt her, especially if she know s that’s what you really want and then she wants it to o…and you have been going down that line…that will…that valuing the game goal that will get you a girl. That's why I say I don't worry like , I wanna be married, I will be married probably like a couple of weeks. I might have a girlfriend , I will go out couple of nights with a girlfriend. This is the stuff, this is what you gotta do. And sometimes you know my main… I have two ma in points of frustration. Learn more about pheromones at


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