Well they could become interested in human pheromones

Well they could become interested in human pheromones, they could feel that they were interesting and important. They could feel curious, those are all related emotions that could be activated in a person. So, that’s one of the emotions that I propose that you learn, to cultivate pheromone perfume in your power opening.

So, as an example you know these emotions you need to generate, at will on command and on a very high level pheromone spray. So, take the emotion of curiosity, can you generate curiosity? Of course! The easiest way is to go back and look and say, what is something that I have been curious about?

What is something that holds my attention and makes me curious to learn pheromones? And as you begin to generate that and think about that emotion you can think anything, for example a book, or a book cover. And you can just become curious about it. Learn more at http://lusharson8884.exteen.com/20150902/long-term-pheromone-measures

Okay, I wonder what’s there in this book, I wonder how long did it took for a person to write it, I wonder did they write sometimes like I do, and then scratch the whole first ten pages and throw out and say, man, this is what I will do, start over…! I mean, are there anything that they do, that they are not saying in the pheromone book , which actually happens , quite a bit. Learn more at http://pomm79.moonfruit.com/blog/4588864419/Pheromone-Trapping/10082859

They are not giving the whole story, so you become curious and just learn to generate the emotion of curiosity. I am gonna give you a exercise in a little bit, that will really nail this down and solidify it for you, but first I wanna go through the other pheromone sprays.

The other one will be Sexually Intrigued Pheromones , almost like sexually curious. Like you know I wonder what she is like, I wonder what kind of sounds she makes, I wonder how she is in that way, how she is sexually. And you can just begin to develop that and wonder about it.

And, am not talking about getting horny physically, although it may result, but am more talking about is, just like the sexual pheromones essence itself. Realizing that she has a sexual side and becoming curious about that.

So, we are not talking about horny, but we are talking about something that could make you that way. You know if you start to think about stuff, sometimes, you know what happens. But, that’s not necessarily the goal of human pheromones. But, it is a pre - cursor towards that.

 And the third one I wanna propose to be is “Playful” . You know nobody likes the rigid, serious person you know . If you think about, say a librarian or may be like a stiff religious accountant. It’s like, “Man, whom do you wanna talk to?

You wanna talk to that, or you wanna talk to your buddy, who is always has this cool stuff going on, and who is playful and you do n’ t have to worry about him, hurting his feelings because you said something like you know, could be taken in the wrong way or whatever, he is just gonna laugh it off and everything is cool with real pheromones. So, you know, you probably not thinking damn, I would really just like to hang out with boring ass serious librarian.


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