Social pheromones involves approaching women

Social Pheromones: Social pheromones involves approaching women who are in your circle of friends. This style of seduction is different from cold approach and typically happens over a longer period of time. Pros: Mutual friends provide common points of conversation and social proof. More chances to seduce her and potentially many girls in one place. Pheromone Reputation plays a major role. Cons: Can be difficult to form or join. The type of pheromone you wear is difficult to change once you’re in a social circle.

Skill in social circle game generally doesn’t transfer to skill with cold approach. Can disband after a certain amount of time you graduate. Mistakes can be widely known, long lasting, and potentially lead to the loss of friends. Depending on the circle can be difficult to hold a dominant position without infighting. Success Rate: 20% - 40% Subcategories: Multi-circle: This is just belonging to multiple social circles that may or may not overlap. Burner: A burner is a temporary social circle where your goal is to sleep with as many women in the circle as you can before you’re kicked out of the circle of human pheromone users. It’s a high risk, high reward style that combines cold approach and social circle game. A few examples are the apartment building/housing development where you live, school, work, church, clubs, and neighborhood clubs/bars frequented primarily by regulars when you use sex pheromones. Pros: If you happen to be the onsite handyman for an apartment complex, for example, you face little competition from other men and are potentially in high demand of your natural pheromones. Cons:  Learn more about pheromones at

The same rules as social circle game apply in situations you may not be able to easily leave. Requires skill in both social circle game and cold approach. Managing relationships between girls at the same location is sometimes difficult. Success Rate: 10% - 60% plus Subcategories: Pheromone Niche Game: This is location based around a hobby or subculture you are part of already. Since you’re already knowledgeable on the subject of pheromone attraction and have many things in common it’s easier to talk to her. However, your places will be limited in smaller metros and if you screw up too much and get kicked out of the circle you loose an activity you care about. In case you’re wondering the average Joe’s success rate for cold approach is between 1% and 5% with real pheromones. Two types of women: 1. She knows what she wants and you give it to her. 2. She doesn’t know what she wants so you lead her to the best option, you. At the most basic level these are the only two types women out there when it comes to seduction and all you have to do is: 1. Determine the right strategy for yourself 2. Communicate your strategy in the most efficient, easily understood way possible. Sounds good. So, how do we go about doing that? You call up one or more emotional states in her causing her to view you favorably and she will automatically become attracted to you with alarm pheromones. Learn about pheromones and pleasure.


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