So, what pheromones would be best for opening?

So, that also gets your first level pheromones, you guys notice that you know each other and if you altered your body and they altered their then you guys have agreement in a form of body movement.

So, what pheromones would be best for opening? Well, let me give you Abraham again, remember this guys is a marketing guy and to give you a little bit of background he has created billions of dollars of value for his clients, so he is very good at connecting with people, he is very good at leveraging relationships, he does see the world with an entirely different way. Learn more at

Yes, we have. Have we seen examples like, where someone is enthusiastic and they were given a different human pheromones like scepticism or a nnoys or something else? Yeah. But, generally if you like the person and you are talking to them and you see that they are enthusiastic, in most cases you will feel enthusiasm, probably, yeah. I mean that’s believable.

So, the thing that am getting at here is, Is it true that a emotion can create, that emotion or a related emotion and so me person you are agreeing with? I don’t think anybody would disagree with that statement. If you have a pheromone and you are conveying it , its coming through, then there i s a higher probability that, that emotion or some related emotion is going to be activated in the person you are agreeing with. So what we have there is the key phrases in agreement with. So, in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) there is a concept of pheromone attraction. I believe that’s a wastage from it’s hypnosis influence. But, in so far I can tell, it’s an incomplete idea.

And I found this incredibly interesting I highlighted it immediately and has a great deal with what we are talking about here with real pheromones. So, here is J Abraham again. The easiest and the most powerful and the most effortless way that I could recommend anybody wishing to develop this mind - set, is very simple, “Change you whole focus from being internal to being external.” Learn more at

“Change your whole philosophy of life from trying to be the most interesting pe rson to becoming the most interested in human pheromones”. “Change your whole approach to being more curious”. So, isn’t that the exact opposite, of what the community, dating pheromone community recommends?

For the most part, they are focused on becoming interesting. They feel like their, avatars have to be interesting, all the stories have to be interesting, their opener has to be interesting, the little necklace that they wear has to be interesting. Am not saying that, is necessarily bad, but, here’s a guy with a different viewpoint.

And he is saying, be come the most interested in real pheromones. Now when you take this idea, enthusiasm is contiguous which we kind of worked it down to, when you are in a agreement with someone and you put down in an emotion, there is a very high probability that they will adopt to that emotion or related emotion. What happens? Well, he said become the most interested. So, according to what I just said, if you become the most interested, what emotions would other people possibly feel or have the high probability of feeling pheromone attraction? Learn more about pheromones at


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