Sex pheromones are fine

Sex pheromones are fine. It is natural. I'm talking more about your control over your sexual energy. I feel as if there is healthy ways to do this and unhealthy ways. I believe suppressing it leads to eventually acting on it(masturbation/porn). What I mean by suppressing is pushing it away and resisting the pheromone attraction there.

A healthy way is to do something with the energy or letting the energy pass on it's own. Working out, sex pheromones or meditation. Allowing the sensations to be there fully without masturbating or watching porn. It's just energy. It comes it goes. This is easier said than done in the first few weeks to month, maybe longer.

In my opinion, as a man, it's important to be able to handle this new pheromone cologne. To me it ties into anything you do. Your will power and your ability to socialize and talk to chicks. For me when I go on real long spurts of nofap I'm so much more focused and able to do the things I want to do.

My pheromone communication skills are sharper and less anxiety or a better ability to handle the anxiety if it's there. To me there is no stronger feeling in a man than his sexual energy. Reason why pheromone signal is a problem. To conquer it is one of the harder things a man can do but opens up the most doors if done. Learn more at and

So, when you have that pheromone behaviour, then you have the Alpha male. So, let’s break this down. So, if I am…if I decide I want get 3 pheromone numbers and I wanna have 2 women next to me at all times. So, that’s a fairly defined, ideal future scene, future image of ho w I want things to be.

So, then I know that, if I go into the bar or club tonight and if I spend an hour and I have only got 3 - 4 hours. Then I know, my pheromone behaviour is not consistent, am not really taking responsibility. Cause I really don’t know whether it’ s gonna happen. So, the thing I need to do is, I need to get into action. So, I want 3 numbers, I wanna be surrounded by 2 women all the time.

Okay, What do I need to do? Well, I need to, there is a 2 set over there, am gonna go ta lk to her, am gonna talk t o those two , there is a 3 set over there, am gonna go talk to them. Am gonna try these 3 women to come with me, to meet these 2 women, so that now I have 5 women and am the focus of attention, they are all talking to me. And, you will go into action, and i f that doesn’t allow…you will look for another set, and then you will look for another set. So, some people supply action, but they don’t have any ideal image. So, they don’t know how to get things done, because they have no ideal to match it up against.

So, there we have the basics there, so you have got the idea that, you don’t’ need permission to talk to anybody. You should come in opening with a cause view point, not in a affect viewpoint, you are going to open someone because you want to have a conversation with them and that’s all the justification you need regarding pheromone perfumes.


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