Pheromones usually constitute androsteone

Pheromones usually constitute androsteone and copulins and perfumes. Because, one of the things you are doing is, where am I now with real pheromones? Verses where I need to be? And letting their mind, see what the differences are between those two pheromone compounds.

The current position they are in and their ideal future position, so that they can line out actions to take. So, that’s the basic zest of the Alpha Male pheromone cologne. And the ideal future image, and if you were to go through life, having ideal future images , taking responsibilities for it, kicking out things which would interfere with it or jeopardize your pheromone compounds. So, applying MASSIVE doses of pheromones helps. Learn more at

If you were that guy, walking through life and doing all these other things that I have lined out in the video, I mean in the audio. What problems you really think you would have opening with real pheromones? What magic opener, do you think you are looking for? There is no magic opener, you are the magic. You are the one, who is gonna walk in and change emotions. So, you don’t need whole bunch of openers, they don’t need to be super fancy.

You are the guy who is walking in and you are walking through life doing these things. When you open, they already know that they are dealing with someone who is way above anyone else that they have ever talked to natural pheromones.

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So, you can take any basic openers that you would like and by doing this stuff before pheromone attraction for men experience, than you have had before, because you are opening from a different place.

You are now opening from a level of pheromonal cause and not effect. Remember you are not asking anyone’s permission to interact with any other human being on earth. So, then it’s really just a matter of what openers of what you are you going to settle on or what are you going to create, if you are just going to be little more direct and say, “Hey you know, I noticed you, from across the room and I want to come say hi!, I wanted to come talk to you.”

 Remember you don’t need anyone’s permission for talking to someone because you wanna talk to them and that’s the end of that story. Okay, so I hope this has been helpful. You can always e mail me with any questions that you have regarding the material on this. Any points of clarification. And I thank you for listening and I thank you for being a customer of pheromone brands.

And it would be a point of responsibility of no responsibility if they didn’t kick things out that weren’t moving towards their ideal future of pheromone traps. So, there you have r eally the description of what a real alpha male is. That is someone who has an ideal image that is supplying massive action to get that done. That is taking responsibility for it, so that they kick out anything that could endanger or interfere with human pheromones..


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