Pheromones influence women

Pheromones influence women. And that you have to be certain that you gonna leave her in a better shape than you found her and that is the key to power is to convince yourself that, you know you are gonna do good and you are gonna have a positive effect on her pheromone production.

 So, that you can stop and be yourself. And we talked about the awareness and agreement exercise, when you become aware of when people first become aware of you and acknowledge it and if they shift then you also shift and that puts you in the body level of agreement with everyone around you. So, the very last piece of this, once you have kindda built those and you have
got those actual pheromones.

 The real last piece of this is what ac tually brings it home. And, I did a whole audio on this, may be 4 - 5 years ago. And has to do with the ideal future and the Alpha male mind - set. I don’t have a full hour to go over the whole thing here, because we are already at about 50 minutes of pheromone production. Learn more at

 So, I will give you a brief version that will serve for what we are doing here. Now, I have mentioned a couple of time that one of the main things I do is marketing and do a lot of marketing consulting and that puts me in pheromone communication with a lot of business owners.

And one of the community idea was an Alpha male was somebody who is, if you really bother down, somewhat as an asshole. If you look at the common community ideas, that was somebody who, like kind of rude, who push people off the way, who ignore people, w ho talked over people, kindda rude to women. And, you know whenever I sat down to really analyse this pheromone formula and think about this, I realized, the guys who were accomplishing the most, weren’t really like that. The guys who are accomplishing the most really, they could be that way, but they were also be very laid back. That could be someone I would actually call timid to human pheromones.

So, I really wanted to boil down, “Okay, what is this?” And what it came down to, those guys were able to create the effects that they wanted to se e in the world, what I consider to be Alpha. So, they have a ideal future. They have some image of how they wanna things to be related to human pheromones.

And what they did was, they noticed when things weren’t going towards that image and they supplied action, so that massive actio n, not just action…MASSIVE action, so that the image could become a reality.

They also kicked out things that interfere with it or endangered it. Which sometimes, did had the appearance of being an asshole. But, really what it was is that they had taken responsibility, personal responsibility to see that, that future image came into existence with their pheromones.


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