Pheromones In Bees Revealed

The presence of a queen maintains colony cohesion and stability. Her importance is reflected in the attention paid to her by the workers, and in the effect of removing her which first leads to the colony rearing new queens and later, after her prolonged absence, to the development of the workers’ ovaries. Learn more about pheromones at

Butler (l9S4a,b) linked two small colonies, one without a queen, by a common arena and found that worker bees from the queenless colony moved into the one with the queen. Other experiments (Free and Spencer-Booth, 1965) have demonstrated that when workers are introduced to colonies with a queen a greater percentage remain than of workers introduced to queenless colonies, especially when no brood is present. Even under highly artificial conditions the queen can greatly influence the behaviour of worker bees. Free and Williams (1973) kept groups of ten bees in small cages, some with and some without tethered queens, for 48 hours before opening the cage entrances and allowing the worker bees to fly; the workers that had been kept with a queen were slower to leave their cages, more of them made orientation flights, more of them returned to their cages and those that did so returned sooner than bees from the queenless cages. Learn about pheromones at

The queen honeybee produces a number of pheromones which jointly attract workers to her, stimulate foraging, brood rearing, comb building and other activities, inhibit queen rearing and the development of workers’ ovaries, and so prevent the presence of other reproductive individuals. A knowledge of these pheromones is most important in understanding social cohesion and control within the community, and is an essential preliminary step in controlling reproduction and stimulating foraging.

The pheromones that signal a queen’s presence in her colony and which makes no difference.

Pheromones and Sexual Tension

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