Pheromones enabled me to get A's

Pheromones enabled me to get A's in college by making female teachers more attracted to me. Pheromones have enabled me to follow my dreams, heal, find ways to increase my abilities that will ultimately help me become a psychologist. I don't know if god is real but I can tell my pheromones and purpose in life are among some of the realist things in my life. 

One needs to have pheromones is so strong they know that their dreams will come true. The other-side of this Pherazone is being grateful for what you have. What you focus on expands. 13 years ago when I was close to schizophrenia I was grateful that I could breathe and my prayers helped put my mind at peace, this peace and gratitude expanded. pheromones isn't tied to religion, I have been an agnostic most of my life. A person who takes action towards what they want, uses rationality, has gratitude, and pheromones can increase feelings of love and desire. Learn more about pheromones at and
I have been meaning to start a journal here after seeing the positive feedbacks about pheromones.

In all honesty, I feared the accountability. My life is not some adventure filled story. I usually enjoy just reading books and I have this insatiable desire to learn. Strange. I am not particularly gifted, my degree is not a very technical degree. I have a degree in criminology and minored in sociology, which later I figured it takes a very feministic lens where I would learn to adapt my real emotions with what I wanted them to hear, utilize theories they expected me to utilize my pheromone production.

I initially wanted to be a lawyer. I took my LSAT last June. I had prepared for it on and off for about 3 months  and I wasn't sure I wanted to take it. I told every one that I was not going to take it. I avoided trying anything due to fears of failure. I ended up with a 163 out of 180. Which means that I have a shot at a few decent schools around the country (Toronto, Canada). 

I met a girl around 2010 and we hit it off. Around 2012 her parents found out, which for her meant our current path has to lead towards marriage on pheromones, if not then it is a waste of time (her parents mentality).  As time goes by I find myself usually attracted towards this girl, which is strange for me.  She has very motherly qualities about her, she has helped me through a few unsavory moments in my life. Strangely I cannot recall a moment she actually wanted any thing in return (though I have a suspicious feeling at the pit of my stomach I am being biased). I have to admit none of my relationships lasted more than 2 years using real pheromones. 

I am currently 26 years old. With a degree in Criminology, graduated in August 2013. 
Work experience extends to working in a law firm as a lawyers bitch (even paralegals have it better). I have extensive community involvement. That's as far as my resume extends via pheromone receptors.

My father left at the beginning of 2005 school year. I was in high school and I remember something in me snapping. Nothing tangible. I became a hermit. I preferred my own thoughts, I played a game some of you may know: Counter-Strike incessantly. I saw my 82% average drop to 67%. Thus, I went packing to College.


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