Pheromones are responsible for natural human attraction

Pheromones are responsible for natural human attraction. Absolutely, because what triggers a woman's attraction mechanism is programmed in by nature through pheromones. You can bypass her screening process when you know how to trigger her attraction, and then she can't help herself regardless of what you look like.

How to make her obsess about you by using the ’'accidental message" pheromone technique!

How a simple trip to the bookstore can get her fantasizing about getting intimate with you later that night.

How to give her a preview of what it's like to be your loyal girlfriend, so she can "try it on and see how it fits”. (The funny thing is, once she starts seeing herself as your woman, she won't be able to stop seeing herself that way!)

An unusual pheromone technique to tell if she's interested just by going out to dinner and doing this one simple thing that she doesn't expect. Learn more at and
Yes, every pheromone technique in this course targets hardwired attraction triggers and psychology that all women share. This means if she's a human girl, it will work on her. Even if you're not her type.

You do not have to create a grand moment where you tell her your feelings. You do not have to memorize a bunch of stupid lines. You won't be taking advice from a woman telling you to “just be yourself” or just be confident. You do not have to drive a fancy car or have lots of money.

This pheromone secret works even better if you're dead broke!

You do not have to be tall, rich or famous. You do not have to be "sneaky" or manipulative, or do anything that's weird or creepy. I feel you deserve to know why I'm about to offer you this incredible system today. You just need to use pheromone colognes.

Frankly, I intend to make a ton of money selling this system. I'm in business after all and there are extremely rich guys out there who would spend anything to have this problem solved for good.

And I'm going to charge them a boat load of money, probably $7,000.00 or more. (They can afford) But because these guys are very skeptical in order to do that I need a ton of success stories. And that's why today I'm running a limited pheromones marketing test so I can get success stories from as many guys as possible.

I've been pondering about the use of pheromone colognes for long term. I’ve used it for 2, 3 days, but stopped afterwhile, got carried away with other material here on the placeLearn more at

How long is the ideal time one should use pheromone perfume to achieve results.

What pheromones have you used in the past and worked well for whatever you used it for?

Do you use other methods such as tapping to achieve faster and better results along with natural pheromones? She said she thought goth guys were hot. So one day! actually let her put make-up on my face. My hope was that she'd see me dressed up all goth—like and it would trigger some attraction in her.


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