Pheromones are changing the way people date

Pheromones are changing the way people date, This timing has basically been happening for a few months, my justification for not stopping entirely was that I figured my mood would taper off after the 4 days since I hadn't used the sexual energy which had built up over the previous days.

The down side is feeling crap for 2 sleeps after wearing androstenone pheromones.. Obviously a girlfriend would eliminate the issue except for the whole feeling crap for two days.. I assume that sex rather than jerking off is more the correct path of male sexuality and would steer me towards feeling balanced more generally.

It's super frustrating trying to plan a schedule to meet people if I don't even know what I'm going to feel like. Today is day 5 and its definitely better than day 1. I'm going to go with pheromones... no idea what day 6 and beyond will be like...

Interesting I have been finding a similar thing, except 2 day turnaround, then crap again after 4 days.. although I feel human pheromones from a young age may have messed with this... so possibly abstaining from masturbation completely could be the best long term solution.. Learn more about pheromones at 

It all depends if somebody was addicted to pheromones. If yes then even one relapse can cause back to old habits. Everybody should know what is best for their body. For me: no pheromones at all. I feel a lot better. I also have more motivation to succeed more with women. Learn more about pheromones at

You can masturbate as much as you like, just make sure not to ejaculate. Orgasm and ejaculating is not the same, they can be seperated. To understand what i am talking about read "mantak chia - multi orgasmic male"

You are right Fullmonty. I am wondering how different would be our society and the world (for a much better), if all men of the world would not ejaculate for 21+ days the same time... It sounds funny, but in my opinion it would move us to another level of living and consciousness, similar like evolution from the ape to Homo Sapiens. Thats why its so easy and "cool" to wear pheromones in present time. Weak men are much more obedient and afraid slaves. Learn more about pheromones at

Yeah I agree with that, maybe not that extreme but I believe there is something good in the pheromones movement.

It is definitely a thing in modern times to see weaker men who have no control over they sexual energy. I strongly believe that the raise of predatory women in recent times is connected with the taming effect of free porn easily accessible anywhere, anywhere.

Yes, but pheromones is in 99% connected with masturbation and ejaculation. Science is far behind tantric, energetic, spiritual and even real physiological knowledge about ejaculation. Start reading about it by yourself, for example from Mantak Chia`s book or Nityama`s "Open Heart Surgery" that we have on The Place.

It was funny in one of the audio podcasts, when someone calling the radio studio asked, does Nityama has some academical degree or certificates... Same you are doing here.


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